Big Rock Brewing - Hefehöpper

Another beer from my hoard - Today it's the Hefehöpper Hefeweizen-style ale by Big Rock Brewery in Calgary. The beer is described as a German-style hefeweizen, but it is reviewed more as an unfiltered version of their Grasshopper Ale. Hmmm... Well, I'm unbiased so I'll give my 100% of review!

Appearance: This is an unfiltered golden ale with a hint of clearness, so it's mostly cloudy. So far, it reminds me of Grasshopper Ale. The head is a fluffy snow white foam on top.

Aroma: The aroma has a rich citrus aroma with notes of grassy hops, lemon, a hint of a hefeweizen aroma with a smidge of banana peel. Easy on the nose for a beer that's been discontinued for a few years now.

Taste: Notes of caramel malt to give it a sweeter presence than expected, a bit of a gritty wheat taste that gives off your typical un-sugared cereal taste to it, there's also a bit of a grassy hop presence, and lastly - a yeasty presence that reminds me of Grasshopper Pale Ale.

Well, with this beer, I was able to sample a variant of a style I didn't like.. I liked this one more with their more citrus notes popping up here in there. I've seen a lot of random Big Rock seasonals here in Manitoba, so I don't think this will be anywhere near the last of Big Rock!

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