Yukon Brewing - Belgian Gothic Saison

I have a lot of beers in my hoard that I've been meaning to review, but just haven't had the time or desire to review them.. and a lot of them I probably shouldn't review.. but I've always wanted to review a lot of these beers, so over the course of who knows how many days, I'm going to try to review as many beers from my hoard as possible, so that I can finally go back to reviewing fresh beers eventually.

Tonight's review is of Yukon Brewing's Belgian Gothic Saison. One thing I love about Yukon Brewing's labels is how a lot of their seasonal and one-off beers tend to refer back to films and artwork back in the early to mid 20th century. This one is no exception with it paying tribute to the 1930s American Gothic painting.

Appearance: Belgian Gothic Saison pours a cloudy, lemon yellow body with a light amount of sediment floating near the bottom of the glass, and a nice amount of frothy white head on top.

Aroma: A sweet, citrusy, yet soapy saison. There's notes of lemon, a mild breadiness, a good deal of soapiness that I can only describe as fruity shampoo, Belgian yeastiness that gives it a bit of a bubble gum aroma with just a hint of barnyard funk to it, and a hint of coriander.

Taste: A sweet-forward saison with notes of bubble gum, lemon, a hint of funkiness (and a light sourness to it), mild breadiness with a good amount of wheatiness in there. Definitely quite a bit sweeter than your typical saison, but definitely not as sweet as many witbiers on the market. Dry, smooth and easy to drink.

Overall Thoughts: With this being nearly two years old, this beer held up well, specially for a saison. It still has a great deal of Belgiany yeasty goodness, as well as some nice citrus flavour, a bit of spice and it wasn't a gusher like a lot of aged Belgian wheat beers. There's a drought of saisons in Manitoba right now, so I'm really glad to finally take this out of my hoard

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