Review: Brasserie Nonsuch Old Ale X

Brasserie Nonsuch has been selling pretty darn well here in Brandon ever since their saison release last month. Now, they've brought out their Old Ale X. I'm not familiar with Old Ales but it's a style that's typically referred to dark, malty English ales. The popular Winter Warmer style appears to be a subset of the style, but generally only brewed in winter months.

Like all other Nonsuch beers, this one is pretty high in alcohol content, topping out at 10% ABV!

Appearance: Old Ale X pours a dark mahogany brown body with no real noticeable amount of carbonation in the body. The head starts off lifeless and non existent when I initially pour the beer, but once I've let it settle, there's a beige ring of foam on the side of the glass.

Aroma: This brings me back memories of Nonsuch's launch party back in June! This is a sweet, very malty ale with notes of caramel, dark fruits (figs, raisins), a moderate booze presence, a slight hint of coffee, chocolate, and a light woodiness.

Taste: Like the aroma, it's a sweet, malty and boozy beer. Heavy notes of burnt caramel, dark fruit, a bit of a woodiness, a bit of heat from it being damned 10%, a hint of cocoa and coffee. The aftertaste is a light bitterness mixed with raisins. It's fairly smooth for being 10%, fairly dry and completely complimentary to cold early evenings on the harsh prairies.

Overall Thoughts: Another great beer by Nonsuch, everything I've tried by them has been absolutely great! I keep saying that Nonsuch will be considered one of the top breweries in Manitoba in the near future. I'm excited to see what their next launch will be (Bière de Garde? Belgian Strong?)

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