Review: Beau's Strong Patrick aged in Jameson barrels

Well I think the theme of today's reviews will be a Beau's Day as I'm planning on writing up up to three two Beau's reviews today. First review of the day is Beau's Strong Patrick aged in Jameson Whiskey barrels. I previously reviewed Strong Patrick back in 2014 thanks to Ryan, but seeing that this year's batch is aged in Jameson barrels, it's time for me to check out this version of the beer.

Appearance: Pours a clear, ruby red body with a light amount of yellow-beige head on top.

Aroma: There's a liberal Irish whiskey presence in there - oaky, vanilla, caramel and whiskey. The beer side of things has a rich caramel aroma with a light earthiness and a light amount of toasted malt presence. 

Taste: Smoother than the aroma surprisingly enough - it's a sweet, caramel forward red ale with a light amount of earthiness to it. The whisky pops up here and there giving off a good woody presence of oak, even more caramel, vanilla, and an ever faint whiskey burn at the end. Definitely sweeter than last year's batch of Strong Patrick, in fact - this is kind of desserty sweet but not quite as sweet as say.. Innis & Gunn.

Overall Thoughts: I was expecting more of a booze burn in this beer as this is aged in Jameson barrels, but I'm glad that there isn't because it ends up being very easy to drink and sweet beer. This is definitely going to be a great pairing for St Patrick's Day. Thanks to the folks at Beau's for sending this beer my way, I can't wait to buy more in coming weeks! 6.5% ABV

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