Review: Blindman Brewing's Long Shadows India Pale Ale

Yesterday I received a few tweets from people letting me know that Lacombe, Alberta's Blindman Brewery's beer is now available in Manitoba. I've heard about Blindman before but didn't really pay attention, but apparently their beer is considered some of the best in Alberta.

The first beer to make it to Manitoba is their Long Shadows India Pale Ale. This is their first take on  North American style IPA. It tops out at 7.1% and 68 IBU.

Appearance: Pours a cloudy golden straw body with a tiny bit of carbonation going through the beer. The head is a light snow white foam that's glistening on top and gradually sticking to the side of the glass.

Aroma: Fairly hoppy, fairly juicy and fairly sweet. The first impression I get is a bit of a piney hop bitterness, followed by a bit of orange peel, and a light breadiness. It's not much so far, but I'm enjoying the subtle aroma.

Taste: A moderate amount of bitter hoppiness with some pine, a bit of woodiness and a light grassiness as well. The beer is decently sweet with a medley of tropical fruits including orange, mango, grapefruit and a bit of an apple aftertaste at the end. Fairly dry for the most part. This isn't as sweet and in your face tropical as your typical New England IPA, but it has a good fruit presence while also having a decent amount of bitter hops to compliment the sweetness.

Overall Thoughts: Not overpowering in any sense compared to most IPAs, but this is a really easy to drink IPA that's definitely a pleasure to my palate. It's mildly hoppy, tropical and even a bit of yeastiness in there. Can't wait to try more of Blindman Brewing's products in the future!

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Paul said...

Bought a couple of cans in April 2018 in the Pas. Nothing but foam, somebody was sleeping in quality control. Before you ask, I’ve poured some beer in my life. 😉