Review: Steam Whistle Premium Pilsner (2017)

The other day I was looking back at old reviews I did in the past, one that stood out that I was a bit too critical about was my review of Steam Whistle Pilsner. In 2012 I was really not a fan of pilsners, while now it's grown on me to an extent but I'd still take an IPA over a pilsner any day. Here's my 2017 version of the review.

I was surprised to see Steam Whistle in bottles in Manitoba as we've only had it in cans for the past half decade. Apparently it was being carried all over Manitoba, but I never saw it listed on the Liquor Marts' website. Like most craft beer drinkers, I'm preferring my beer in cans lately, but I love a classy bottle once in a while.

Appearance: Pours a golden straw body with a bit of a honey hue to it, light/moderate amount of fluffy snow white head on top and a liberal amount of micro-carbonation taking place in the beer.

Aroma: I'm getting a crisp, straw presence with a hint of skunkiness, a hint of caramel and a mild grassy hop presence.

Taste: This is incredibly easy to drink, I had two or three of these in the past 45 minutes.. oops! The dominant flavour is the taste of straw, followed by a hint of lemon, grassy hops. It's fairly crisp and pretty light, and leaves a bit of a grassy aftertaste at the end.

Overall Thoughts: Too easy to drink, especially on a hot summer day like today. I would like to see this with a more forward hop presence, but this is something for the people who don't generally like craft beer but don't want to support Labatt or Molson. One of the better pilsners in Canada. Like in 2012, this is under a month old - today's the 28th and this was bottled on July 31. I like beer that fresh.

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