Photos: Torque Brewing's 1 year anniversary party

Last Saturday was Torque Brewing's 1 year anniversary, so I made a special trip into Winnipeg to check out the festivities. Here's photos from the party! Torque released a wine barrel aged saison called Incept1on which was available on tap and in 500mL waxed bottles.

This is only the second "first anniversary" I've ever been to at a brewery, the first being Auberge Sutton Brouerie in Sutton, Quebec.

Matt Wolff: VP of Operations with his golden locks

On the tour: One of the reasons why Torque only does cans (aside from their anniversary beer) is that they can have hundreds of thousands of cans in the warehouse at a time with minimal problem, shipping is cheaper, and lasts longer. I forget how many empty cans they had in the brewery at the time.. I think maybe around 7000 (actually - it's closer to 500,000! 7000 cans per pallet)

Matt Wolff giving a tour

Essentially a Grain Elevator

Head Brewer Perry

The Tims

I was hoping Matt was brewing an Eisbock in there, unfortunately it's not.

More of the thousands of cans. As for the big white grain bag - they receive larger bags of grain than they did a year ago to keep up with production.

Bison smokie! I like it simple so topped it off with beer chipotle mustard and ketchup!

Phil, Matty and I

A classic Matty Wolff air guitar solo

Matt and Monica dancing!

Adam, John and Matt are being carried to Oktoberfest

Birthday cake!

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