Review: Flying Monkeys' Confederation Amber Ale

I was in Ottawa the week before Canada Day and was able to check out an LCBO for the very first time - the fancy Bank Street LCBO a block and a half-ish from TD Place where the Ottawa RedBlacks play. It was definitely a nice liquor store. The staff was friendly and giving us deeeeecent samples from the growler station from proper glassware (compared to the .5oz samples in plastic cups in Manitoba - which.. for MB I think is fine). They also had a massive fridge where the majority of their beer was stored. On a hot day in June, it was sure nice... but I wasn't impressed with the selection. 3/4 of the beer I saw in the fridge were either beers I've tried before or beers I know I'll be trying soon in the future. In the case of four Manitoba coast-to-coaster beers, I was right - including this beer.

Flying Monkeys' Confederation Amber Ale was available at the LCBO, I like Flying Monkeys but I couldn't justify buying it with the gut feeling that it would be available in Manitoba days later.. and here I am now: I bought this at a local Manitoba Liquor Mart, a month and a bit after Confederation Day.

Appearance: Confederation pours a clearish amber honey brown with a light amount of carbonation and a decent amount of frothy beige head to begin with, but near bare by the time I'm reviewing this.. there's just a bit of froth on the side of the glass with a few bubbles here and there on the top now.

Aroma: Notes of caramel is the frontrunner right at the beginning, some sweet bready aroma - the kind of bread you would use for making cinnamon buns, a hint of honey and that's a bout it.

Taste: This is your standard Amber Ale, nothing special about it, but if you enjoy standard Ambers, you'll definitely enjoy this. This is a moderately bready/biscuity beer with a sweet caramel body to it, a light amount of grassiness for hop presence, a hint of nuttiness in there somewhere, easy to drink.

Overall Thoughts: Not impressed by this beer, but if you like Sleeman or Big Rock, you'll definitely enjoy this beer. It's easy to drink, only 5% and not pushing any hoppy bitterness to it. Meh. 5.0% ABV.

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