Review: Tree & Beau's Collaboration - Leap Beer Smoked Bock

Leap year only comes around once every four years so the idea of a beer brewed specially for February 29th is simply just too good to pass up! Tree Brewing and Beau's All Natural collaborated to create a Leap Beer Smoked Bock that tops out at 6.7% ABV. Beau's LOVES collaboration beers, in fact.. while I was in Quebec over the years I had a few collaboration beers. Only a few days after Leap Beer arrived in Manitoba, Lug Tread made its very first appearance in Manitoba. So.. this is the first Beau's beer to ever be available for the Manitoban market.. even though it was brewed at Tree in BC.

Appearance: Dark caramel with a ruby red hue. Thick yellow/beige head that slowly diminishes yet leaves a good deal of foamy residue on the glassware.

Aroma: Smoky! I love smoky beers so it's always a treat when I find one. Rich notes of smoked barley malt, a hint of bonfire, caramel and a hint of dark fruit.

Taste: First and foremost, it's smoky but not overwhelmingly like many out there. The smoke hits the palate at first, but diminishes quite quickly. Other flavours I'm noticing include caramel, a bit of a graininess from the barley and hint of dark fruits (plum)? So for the most part, similar to what the aroma had.

Overall Thoughts: Solid bock with a nice smoky profile that's not overpowering. Very easy to drink and I wish my asshole roommate didn't steal my other bottle because I'd so go for another bottle right now.

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