PHOTOS!!! Festival mondiale de la bière 2016!

It only took me TWO months after Le Festival mondiale de la bière for me to post pictures of my awesome experience of drinking beer and checking out booths. To check out my previous column on Mondial, click here!

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The first thing I learned about being media at Mondial: they have a VIP/media room where you get to try beers that aren't being offered! While there were beers available in Manitoba such as Red Racer IPA (which you can see in the light blue can in bottom right corner), they had beers from all over the world as well.)

It's mon ami Khizer at showing up ready to slay beers and eat ALL THE CHEESE!

Yep.. there he is about to eat all the crackers, cheese and bread!

Cheese station at Mondial

Decent lineup at the Brasserie Harricana booth. As you'll see in a bit - they collaborated with one of my buddies on an amazing IPA!

Le Micro-brasserie Le Trou du Diable.. facilement une des meilleures brasseries au Canada


The folks over at Brasserie Beau's All Organic Ales out of Vankleek Hill, Ontario! Was good to see a Canadian microbrewery at the festival. They had a bunch of bottle openers all over their station and I asked to buy one, they said no - that I would get a free bottle opener if I filled out a Mondial beer survey. I knew I wasn't going to get a bottle opener - two months later - rien. They should've just sold me a bottle opener for $10, I would've been happier then.

Khizer checking out his beer

Not surprisingly: This was the longest lineup at the MadJack stand the entire week. Their ads make their product seem like they're a Minhas product.

Checking out the fancy beers from La Brasserie Dunham out of Dunham, Quebec

÷Dos Equis?

Microbrasserie HELM

¿Dos Equis?

Sample of beer

Les Trois Mousquetaires!

LOL Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc?! Sure it's better than Shock Top.. but not the best witbier at the festival!

Hey man!

Farnham Lager & Ale

Granville Island even made an appearance!

Maple liquor / liquor d'érable (Domaine Kildare)

C'est ONIDÈLS, the drunk French Canadian!

I honestly didn't recognize him at first sans chapeau, ici est JF Pilon! THE Whisky guy of Quebec!


Mill Street Brewery

THIS GUY!!! THE DESIGNATED DRINKER! This guy was my favourite person the entire weekend, you know he was there to get his drank ON!

Just outside Les 2 Frères

Khizer making a decision at the Les Trois Mousquetaires booth

Les Trois Mousquetaires booth

Les 3 Brasseurs / The 3 Brewers proudly use Canadian malt from Canada Malting. Some of which comes from my part of Western Manitoba! In fact, my ex girlfriend's farm is right next door to a Canada Malting facility.

Trou du Diable!

Beau's is back at it again.. but still no bottle opener :(!!!

Khizer and Onidèls chill and talk about their favourite beers of the festival. Khizer is on Untappd as this is taken.

Brett Porter, Brewmaster Goose Island Brewing. The host for the show, Leonardo Di Vincenzo, Birra Del Borgo and Yvan de Baets, Brasserie de la Senne.

Lunch time Mill Street Beer & Food pairings

Ice cold Tankhouse!

HOLY EFF! C'est Mathieu du Shack à Boisson! Pouring for Le Trou du Diable!

Hey! C'est Monsieur Alex of Le Malt Incarné contre un pigeon

Brasserie Harricana!

Alex is savouring a sample of Harricana 42, his collaboration IPA with Harricana! He likes it a lot.. and it's damned tasty!

I didn't spend much time around the Dieu du Ciel! booth for some reason. Their founder was all over the place but I didn't get the courage to walk up and tell him how much I loved DDCs beers..

While Goose Island's Labatt-made beers were collecting dust, they had games of hackey sack being played to keep beer drinkers happy.. and interested in the product.

Mathieu proudly serving TDD beers

Lineup at Les Trois Mousquetaires.. that's not going to stop me.

We're not in Manitoba anymore.. but Manitoban rednecks' favourite malt based beverage (Boston Beer Co'sTwisted Tea) was quite prominent on the promenade. This ain't Country Fest, so I wasn't going to waist $3 on a sample of something I can get readily anywhere in Manitoba. Cue the banjos!

The first time I met Alex was at a pub across the street from Frite Alors. I was giddy to see a Frite Alors chip stand at Mondial. As soon as I got fries, his wife Alexe randomly appeared! Frites & mayo = si bonne!

Les Trois Mousquetaires Barleywine cask!

Alex and Pierre-Luc from Dépanneur Peluso and

Alongside beer, made-in-Quebec spirits were available as well, served with 1642 cola at times!

Mathieu manning the Trou du Diable booth again!

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