Photos: A visit to Torque Brewing

Seeing that Torque Brewing is officially canning their beer sometime this week, it only made sense to post photos of my trip to Torque from a week ago! This summer has been busy for new breweries in Winnipeg... and this is just the beginning!


They were starting to brew their Witty Belgian witbier when I arrived. I can't wait to see how the final product turns out!

Barrels for future barrel aging projects!

Brew Technician Matty "Cool Beans" Wolff! It's been a year since I last visited him at Fort Garry.

With the guys over at Torque being the "mechanics of beer", you better bet that they have wrenches all over the place in many different sizes!

Dried orange peels from California for Witty Belgian

Not only that.. they also add fresh orange, lemon and lime peel shavings for the Witty Belgian

Lots of room to grow.. assuming that the pallets of cans don't end up taking up lots of the space

Adding the yeast

"Cold Beer"

Next time I'll be there, the tasting room will be up and serving fresh beer on tap. They're canning this week and selling kegs to beer vendors/pubs/restaurants this week. I hope we see Torque in Brandon available at pubs on tap.. a beer culture is developing and I don't want to see the Wheat City 15 years behind like always. If you're in Brandon, demand your local restaurants, pubs and beer vendors to stock Torque, Barn Hammer and other made in Manitoba beers. Let's keep beer dollars in Manitoba!

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