Review: Tree Serendipity No. 7 (Whisk(e)y barrel aged beer)

This one is from the hoard that I didn't even realize I had. So, Tree has a series of one-off beers called the Serendipity Series - barrel aged beers, I don't know much about it but this one off.. Serendipity # 7 is a whisky barrel aged porter/dark ale.

Appearance: Serendipity No. 7 pours a dark blackish-brown with a decent amount of caramel-beige head, very carbonated and fizzy like a soda. A bit of a brown cola hue to it.

Aroma: This porter has a combination of caramel/toffee, oak, hint of vanilla and of course.. whisky. There's a bit of a nutty background from the porter itself and just a smidge of coffee. Fairly sweet, caramelly yet fainter than most whisky barrel aged beers out there. Very inviting.

Taste: First thing I noticed was the oak and the whisky, it's a creamy, sweet, oaky and whisky beer with a background of porter, which gives a coffee and nutty flavour to it, a hint of dark chocolate and light bitterness. Very smooth on the palate for a porter. The flavour of whisky really pops out here more than in the aroma. The aftertaste is a bit reminiscent of dill.

Overall Thoughts: Decent beer by Tree Brewing. For the beer being aged in a whisk(e)y barrel for 100 days, the aroma wasn't as powerful as I would expect but the flavour pops out when being tasted. Love the nice oaky richness that pops out at the beginning, reminiscent of a nice fine whisk(e)y.

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