Review: Archibald Microbrasserie's La Valkyrie Bock

Two years back when I made my first visit to Quebec City since I lived there, I noticed Archibald beers available just about everywhere - even in mall food courts. What popped out at me was that they were fairly affordable - $5 at a Chez Ashton and the artwork was pretty damned simple yet nice.

For the most part, their beers were pretty meh to average. Nothing to write home about, but affordable and better than settling on Bud or Bleue.

While at Dépanneur Peluso, I picked up a random assortment of beers of all different styles, including Archibald's La Valkyrie Bock. I like a good caramelly bock and it was only a few bucks, so why not?

Appearance: La Valkyrie pours a clear, glistening caramel red, with a bit of a hue of honey. Incredibly fizzy & carbonated. 1.5 fingers of foam - creamy, fluffy beigey foam.

Aroma: Notes of lightly roasted malt to give it a hint of nuttiness backed with a caramel sweetness. A hint of dark fruit such as prunes or raisins in the background. Fairly light in aroma.

Taste: First thing first - creamy mouthfeel, very creamy which surprised me.. and I like that. Notes of raisins and caramel pop out, much more noticeable than the aroma.. thank goodness. Lots of raisiny goodness for a bock. A light amount of nutty flavour comes out near the end.

Overall Thoughts: A very easy to drink bock. The aroma could be better but the taste is pretty damned decent for a bock.. it's not as light as I expected, it's nice, sweet, creamy and lots of caramel punch to it. Gives me hope that not all Archibald beers are simply "meh."ères/bières/item/la-valkyrie.html

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