Review from the archives: Unibroue Éphémère Cassis

From October 2009:

750ML bottle of Éphémère Cassis (Black Currant) beer by Quebec brewery Unibroue. This is a new beer for Manitoba, and since I love Unibroue's beers, I had to try it. Cassis (Black Currant) based beverages are the rage in Quebec, but fairly non-existant here on the prairies.

The beer is a very carbonated beer, as are most Ephemeres, it reminds me of a 7-up or something when pouring it into a glass (at first) from all the fizz. It's a thick reddish colour, very similar to Grapefruit juice. The taste isn't great, very light on taste, I seem to taste more carbonation than anything. The éphémère pomme (apple) has much more of a zing to it than this beer, as does the Raspberry. Very very light in flavour. Probably won't buy it again, unless if I'm wanting a light fruity beer, but even then, I might stick with the other Éphémère beers. I just wish the Manitoba Liquor Commission would bring in more than just the Ephemeres for 750ml bottles from Quebec.

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