Review from the archives: O┼żujsko Pivo

Before there was the Cranky Beer Blogger over at, I did a 52 week beer review & photography project back in 2010. Enjoy!
Today's review from the archives is Ozujsko Pivo from Croatia, reviewed on March 10, 2010.

Hey everyone! I've been wanting to try out a Flickr 52/365 project for nearly two years now, but never had an idea what I should try out. Around Christmas I thought it would be a great idea to do a 52/365 project dedicated to beer. Since I don't want to seem like an alcoholic, and force myself to try a new beer each and every day, I decided that a 52 week project would be best. This way it would give me the ability to try A NEW (to me) beer each and every week! Ranging from beers I have never tried in my life to beers I may have not tasted in years.

The first beer in this 52 week project is a 500ml can of O┼żujsko Pivo from Croatia. I've never heard of this beer, so I thought it would be perfect to be the first beer of the project.

A quick review, a beer that's similar to a North American styled golden lager, a very smooth tasting beer, it kind of reminds me of beer such as Molson Canadian, however the aroma is much more similar to Heineken or other European style lagers, but the taste is certainly more North American influenced, but that may just be me! As it being my first beer in the project, I was very pleased with how the photo turned out and how the beer tasted. Not a bad deal money wise, but it's not a beer I would have on a regular basis.

It is also 5.2% alc/volume

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