Cranky Cody is back

You know what grinds my gears? Twitter, but that's a story for another day.

I've been gone for a while, mainly because frankly - I don't have interest blogging on here anymore. 80% of my traffic is either people looking for reviews of Bud Light Mojito or bloggers wanting photos to rip for their blogs, so I'm not in the mood to really blog.

I'm also busy with work, starting a new position that's essentially my old position, so I haven't been able to find the time to actually review much.

That and I'm dealing with worst spout of depression since 2009 or so - some days I forget to take my medication and when I do forget - I get insanely painful spasms throughout my body that feels like a twitch through my nerves every 5-10 seconds, which make its way from my back to all the way to my head, and once it reaches my head, I get a bit of a quick ringing sound... like the tinnitus kind of ringing if you were at a loud concert or if it's absolutely dead quiet.. but only for a brief second every 5-10 seconds.

There's other reasons I'm not happy as well. Well, looking at photos of myself from two years ago, I looked good, I was losing weight, sure I was depressed as hell but I was vying to join the military, but now, I have no drive to lose weight anymore so I gained back every single pound of fat ever since, because I have 0 drive to lose weight again. Get a girl? No, I didn't date eff all when I was single anyways. Feel healthy? Meh, my diet hasn't really changed in years, in fact - I go days without eating which is NOT healthy.

Then there's the beer part that pisses me the fuck off. Ever since MLCC merged with Manitoba Lotteries, I've noticed at Liquormarts throughout Manitoba going downhill in quality. All in all it has to do with streamlining, what's happening is that the government wants to streamline operations of two departments that have nothing to do with each other either than being a sin tax. I've talked with Liquormart employees and managers around the province and what's happening for the beer scene is that it seems that head office is wanting to cut back on the amount of craft beer selection and you're really starting to see it. You're noticing LCs that had outstanding beer selections now only stocking the basics in the name of the all mighty dollar. With that, it's hurting craft beer growth in Manitoba. One such example is that Dieu du Ciel is FINALLY available in Manitoba, but you have to pay up the ass to get taste of it - at $28ish before tax, Aphrodisiaque is rated one of the best beers on the planet, but they want to make you pay for convenience. Not only that, a lot of LCs that were known for carrying a great selection of micros aren't carrying beers like Aphrodisiaque. But what's frustrating is not the lack of locations that carry it (ie 0 Brandon locations), but $28 is just a freaking rip-off. I can paypal a friend from Montreal the amount it costs AFTER taxes and deposit and they would be making a nice profit off it. I've regularly seen Aphrodisiaque on sale at places like IGA and Metro for $9.99-$11.99. To ship to Manitoba, it's generally around $15-17 including supplies. So in the end of the day, it's cheaper to paypal them plus give them a few dollar tip than it is to buy it from your local Liquormart.

Secondly, I generally end up putting my beer bottles in recycling. Yes, vendors are SUPPOSED to accept my Unibroue, Granville Island (650s) and Muskoka bottles as I've paid a deposit on at the local Liquormarts or beer vendors, but I find that the staff at a lot of vendors are generally cranky as fuck (just like me) and absolutely refuse to accept anything that isn't the standard Molson/Labatt/Sleeman because "it looks different". I've gotten told by beer vendor clerks "we don't take that here" and when I respond with "I'm not lugging this back with me", they tell me to take it because they aren't going to look after it. The only thing I can really do is contact MLCC about it, and sometimes one email to MLCC will fix it, but quite often some of the more sketchy vendors still refuse. With new "Social Responsibility" changes, prices in the "weird looking beers" have gone up as much as 10¢ per 650mL bottle, but these vendors are allowed to serve Lucky Extra til as late as 2:30AM on some nights?!

Thirdly and finally - Why can't we have private beer stores that AREN'T ATTACHED TO SKETCHY AS FUCK MOTELS?! I would like to see a beer boutique that caters to beer geeks. Look at Montreal, they're everywhere and the staff at locations like Dépanneur Peluso are insanely educated in everything to do with beer, while at the local LC I've been told "If you want an amazing beer, try Bud Light Lime", which made me cringe beyond belief. I think it's time for MLLC to allow for private beer stores to allow for growth of the craft beer scene as it seems Manitoba's craft beer scene is stagnated due to the lack of brewpubs and with the reduction of craft beer happening at some Liquormarts. I know lots of people are calling for a full on privatization of liquor sales in Manitoba, but what makes me laugh is that go to rural Manitoba and you can get beer and rye at the local Co-Op, but in urban places you have to buy your beer completely separately from your milk and cookies. Also, MLCC should be promoting our own local brands more. Farmery is getting a lot of PR at the small town Co-Ops and Liquormarts, but you never really see MLLC showing off Manitoban products, telling customers we have products made right here in Manitoba that are rated among some of the best in all of Canada. It's 2014 and I still know too few people who are familiar with the Half Pints brand.

Now that I'm done, the stress tick has calmed down just a tad. I know I shouldn't be in Manitoba, I belong in Quebec, I'm just a cranky born-in-Manitoba outsider here.

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