Review: Farnham 64 IPA Américaine

I'm in a bit of a bah humbug mood. Here in Brandon, we're experiencing the second one-in-300-year flood in 3 years, mosquitos are everywhere, tornados galore, monsoon rain, some of the weirdest weather I've ever seen. Plus the fact that my parents live in the tornado capital of Manitoba makes me uneasy. However, a good beer will help calm the nerves for a few minutes.

Let's try out Farnham Ale And Lager's IPA Américaine, which, as you probably guessed, is a take on American style IPAs, meant to be full on hops, sweet maltiness, light amount of citrus, and great for a patio quencher.

Appearance: I love Farnham's packaging as it reminds me of beer labels from the 1950s, very simple and straightforward yet incredibly catchy. The beer pours a light honey brown. Quite frothy, a creamy beige foam that slowly goes down.

Aroma: Notes of various hops including cascade, a bit of a brown sugar sweetness, light amount of citrus, a bit of pine sap and a hint of mint.

Taste: A bit of a watery mouth feel, not as bitter as most American-style IPAs. A bit of pine notes, sweet caramel malt, slightly nutty, light straw notes, not the best IPA I've had from Quebec unfortunately.

Overall Thoughts: It's alright, but not great, but at $2.99/can, you can't go wrong with that price. Much lighter than I expected, but very easy to drink, and still more bitter than a Keith's by far! 6.0% ABV.

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brewji said...

Sorry to hear about the weather! Would be awesome if I could send you a delicious West Coast IPA to see how it compares!