Review: New Belgium Pluot Ale (Lips of Faith)

Review: New Belgium Pluot Ale (Lips of Faith) by Cody La Bière
I'm not sure what a pluot is, but apparently it's a type of plum-meets-apricot, and the folks over at New Belgium Brewery have a Belgian-style tripel with pluot. I've reviewed New Belgium's collab ale Heavenly Feijoa Ale with Dieu du Ciel's hisbiscus, and I've never had DDC's own Hisbiscus ale before.

Appearance: The Pluot Ale pours a clear golden straw yellow, decent amount of microcarbonation, minimal 2mm white head. Looks like your average Belgian Pale Ale or tripel.

Aroma: The combination of Belgian yeast, pale malt and a sweet fruitiness that comes off across as a bit of apricot, plum and green grapes. A bit of a parfum scent in there as well, citrus zest.

Taste: Sweet and fruity, some of a sweet combination of apples, grapes and apricot. Belgian yeast to give it that hmph, and a bit of a tartness that hits at the end. The sweet & tart flavour is what I suppose pluots taste like.

Overall Thoughts: A decent Belgian-style tripel with a sweet fruity & tart finish to it. 10% ABV, not New Belgium's best at $10/650ml bottle, but a nice sipping beer after a long long day. Smoother than some Belgian tripels yet still full of flavour. I'm getting a bit of an apple-tasting burp out of this.‎

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