Review: Seizoen Bretta by Logsden Farmhouse Ales

Got this feeling that today doesn't like me. The air tastes like flowers and paint. There's a sink full of bottles and cutlery, and the car's got a list of complaints...

That's how I'm feeling right now. I saved a bottle of Logsden's Farmhouse Ales' Seizoen Bretta out of Oregon. I was insanely giddy when I got it, and wanted to savour it at a special time. Tonight I thought nothing better than the present because it's not going to get any younger. However, of course as when I reviewed this, somehow the bottle fell out of my hand and poured all over the floor, losing 50% or more of the precious precious beer. *Here's me sobbing*

I've been told that Seizoen Bretta by Logsden Ales is one of THE best saisons out there, and as a saison fanatique, I had to give this a try. Seizoen Bretta is bottled in a nice slender 750mL bottle... while most 750ml bottles out there are corked I find, this one is capped like a standard bomber, with beeswax covering the top as extra security, but of course that didn't match the butterfingery hands I have..

Appearance: Pours a cloudy murky golden dark orange, thick amount of head immediately as I pour, but as it's a fizzy carbonated saison, it diminishes quite quickly, you can see that in the photo.

Aroma: Notes of white vinegar, straw, apples, lightly yeasted, lemon and in fact, quite sour for a saison (yet not quite a sour, of course!)

Taste: The notes of vinegar are retained in the flavour, a standard Belgian yeast zing is slowly making its appearance in the beer as it warms up. Quite fruity with apple and pear notes. Quite sour/tart with a slight amount of a "down on the farm" woodiness and hay-like notes to it.

Overall Thoughts: A very solid saison, didn't expect it to be as tart & vinegary as it turned out, but that's alright with me, the Belgian yeast, sweet apple notes and hay notes all bring it together. I'm just really sad that I somehow spilled HALF a bottle on the floor. I'll never let this go, I need some sort of gloves that don't let me drop things. Not as yeasty and lemon zesty as most saisons I've had, it's still incredibly solid and of course, like everyone else has said to me in the past - one of the best saisons out there. Organic, big bottle, true microbrewed, always good! 8% ABV

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