Cranky Sunday Links - October 20, 2013

It's been a while, but time again for Cranky Sunday Links!

The Brew Scout asks: Would pink beers work in Canada? Beers like Strawberry Lambic are the rage in Belgium, but would it fly in the Great White North? (Link)

I'm now involved with a bilingual Québecois (and one Manitoban) beer & spirits blog called where some of Quebec's best beer & spirits bloggers blog about booze! I don't know why I'm part of it because I'm just a Cranky Cody, but hey! Check em out! (Link)

Hungry? Cuisine à la bière du Québec posted a recipe for Hopped French Onion soup, and as expected, it was amazing (although I do not like French Onion Soup, but I assume it is great). (Link)

It only took me whining for two and a half years straight but Untappd now has a Canadian beer badge titled Great White North. Check into 5 different Canadian beers and you'll get it! (Link)

Also, a few beers coming (back) to Manitoba: Looking at the MLCC website, there were a few new beer listings, so look out for some great new additions, as well as the return of some favourites!:

Unibroue Raftman returns to Manitoba after a year and half absence from the local liquormart shelves. It costs $5.70 before taxes for 750mL bottle. 17 Grande Réserve also makes an appearance on the Liquormarts website, so that means HOPEFULLY it makes a return to Manitoba.. fingers crossed!

My favourite Manitoban IPA is back: Fort Garry's Portage & Main IPA is back, this time in cans.. well it has been at the MLCC for over a month and half now, but hey.. I haven't done this for months so cut me some slack! It's available in limited quantities at $2.96 for a 475ml can. If you're a fan of West Coast style IPAs, you'll enjoy it. Oh oh oh! Also, their insanely raved-after pumpkin ale Happy Jack is back! Available for $6.32 for 650ml bottle, this cinnamony, nutmegy pumpkin ale is great while watching the leaves change colour and the return of NHL hockey.

In time for Halloween, Wychwood, the makers of Hobgoblin has released a 4-bottle mix pack of ales for those looking to drink or treat. At $15.64 for 4-500ml bottles, it's a bit pricier than I expected, but hey.. it's 2L of beer. It includes the ever popular Hobgoblin dark ale, as well as Wychcraft Ale, Goliath and Scarecrow ale.

Sours aren't really popular in Manitoba as.. well.. the MLCC doesn't sell them. They're now selling the Belgian Cuv√©e des Jacobins Rouge Flemish Sour, it's available at a few Winnipeg MLCC's, so I don't think it will be available in Brandon.. typical Perimeteritis. Costs $3.56 for a 330ml bottle.

Anywho.. that's aboot it from me. Until next time: drink less, drink better.

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