Review: Paddock Wood Loki Double IPA

Review: Paddock Wood Loki Double IPA by Cody La Bière
It's been nearly a year since I last tried Paddock Wood's Loki DIPA, I honestly don't remember what I thought about it.. so why not do a review?! This beer was provided by the always awesome @PaddockWoodGuy!

Loki is one of Paddock Wood's most popular staples, a Double India Pale Ale, it boasts an 8.7% ABV. While you can't find it in Manitoba (yet), make a trip to Saskatoon and try it yourself. Loki also has a sister beer called Oaky Loki, as you can likely guess.. is an oak barrel aged version of the popular Loki, I want to get my hands on that.. but I don't think I will anytime soon, but if I do.. yum!

Appearance: Loki pours an orangey amber with a slight reddish hue, it looks compareable to most DIPAs, but a few shades lighter than say.. a Humulus Ludicrous but quite hazier than most DIPAs, I notice a great deal of sediment floating and not going anywhere... mmmm!

Aroma: A few things I've quickly noticed.. quite a hoppy beer, not as liberal on the hops as a Humulus Ludicrous, but close! A nice caramel sweetness from the malts, a bit of a stinging aroma from the alcohol and an aroma that I can only compare to as fresh paint.. but nothing wrong with that. Some fruitiness like grapefruit.. lighter than some DIPAs but for those who want something slightly lighter, this will be very appreciative.

Taste: A bit of sweet caramel, hint of grapefruit, and a jam packed amount of bitterness that hits the tongue. Quite a deal hoppier than Paddock Wood's staple IPA, 606 India Pale Ale. There's a smidge of lemon in the aftertaste and overall.. a solid DIPA.

Overall Thoughts: What you would expect in a DIPA, has a great deal of hops allowing for quite a bitter impact, but also a bit of sweetness & citrus to balance things off and making this quite an enjoyable brew. Love the haziness of the beer, and the amount of sediment that's floating around.. mmm!

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