Cranky Friday Links & New Beer in Manitoba - October 19, 2012

Well, guess who finally has a job... THIS GUY! Now it's time for this week's Cranky Friday Links & New Beer in Manitoba.

Yours truly discovered that not one but two of my own photos were being used for today! George Strom did a blog post about Reston, Manitoba's desire to lure in people to move to the friendly community by selling lots for a low $10/lot. Growing up 10 minutes east of there (near Pipestone), I hope it succeeds, but other towns in Manitoba have attempted the same thing by selling lots for a buck a lot back in the 90s, and it got lots of attention, but didn't really make the population boom. Seeing that Reston is in oil country, they may succeed with oil rig workers buying lots and moving into town. (Link)

Sébastien (AKA 42 Bières) updated and redesigned his website, it looks quite snazzy! (Link)

My poutine-based alter ego checked out Half Moon Drive-In in Lockport, MB a month back. Check out my take on their poutine. (Link)

ZOMG... If you happen to be in Winnipeg on Saturday, come on down to Half Pints Brewery and pick up some Punk'n Fest beer, and say hi to Vanessa! (Link)

In news of beer releases in Manitoba:
Fort Garry is releasing their newest beer in the Brewmasters Series, this time it's Happy Jack Pumpkin Ale. I've heard from a little birdy that it's going to be a yummy beer, especially if you like a nice sweet yet balanced ale to sip and savour with the seasons changing.

Okanagan Springs has released a winter collection called the Winter Craft Pack, which includes Winter Ale, Brewmaster's Black Lager, Pale Ale and 1516 Lager. It will retail for around $21.65 for a 12 pack. You can also find the Winter Ale on its own in 6-packs. (Link)

A few of my friends originally from BC will be happy to hear this - Granville Island's Lions Winter Ale is coming to Manitoba in 6-packs. Will cost around $11 for a 6-pack. (Link)

Harbin Beer out of China is coming to Manitoba, it appears to be a lager - retails for around $2.81 for a 500mL can.

Lastly, Budweiser is milking their partnership with the Winnipeg Jets further by bringing out another Winnipeg Jets branded case of beer. No idea if they use muddy water straight from the Red River again, but it costs $26.92 before tax for an 18-pack (cans). I won't be buying this because this damned hockey lockout needs to end. 

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