Five things I'm looking forward to

Well, I haven't done a non-review blog post in a while. Here's 5 things I'm looking forward to in the not-so-distant future.

  1. Muskoka Winter Beard - Also known as the Double Chocolate Cranberry Stout. This year they're doing something different, instead of the popular swing-top bottles we've become accustomed to, they're releasing the Winter Beard in a corked bottle, allowing for the beer to be conditioned in bottle and possibly age really well. I hope this is a new beginning for Muskoka, their Spring Oddity could do really well with some aging.
  2. Unibroue Terrible - I've heard that Unibroue Terrible is making its way to LCBO in Ontario, which means.. Unibroue Terrible may return to Manitoba in time for Christmas! Unibroue beers around Christmas has become a tradition with me as they always release a Winter Collection just in time for Christmas - usually with a rarity that you can't get in Manitoba.. bring on the case and bring on the awesome Terrible!
  3. Half Pints Demeter's Harvest Wheat Wine - The partial successor to the incredibly popular Burly Wine, this incredibly sweet beer has a kick that will keep you warm on the coldest nights in winter. It's a honeylicious and syrupy treat.
  4. Christmas Advent Calendar - Being a hoarder, beer collects quickly because I'm too scared to open them, instead, leaving them to age (except DIPAs and beers that don't age). This year, I've decided to do a homemade Christmas Advent calendar, with beer! I'm not sure how I'm going to pull it off, so some suggestions would be welcomed. I'm thinking of getting a few wine boxes, putting beer in paper bags, number them and surprising myself with a beer each day! Some beers that will be part of the calendar include Westvleteren 12 and Trou du Diable L'Impératrice Imperial Stout.
  5. 2013 - In 2013 I'm planning on a trip to Quebec City and possibly Ile d'Orleans for a beer and poutine vacation. Hoping for March or April. Plans include checking out La Barberie, Chez Ashton, and as many tiny pubs as possible. I hope it pans out, I miss la ville de Québec trop.

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It's lunchtime said...

Just cracked the Spring Oddity from this year, tonight. The herbal notes were a little muted but the base golden belgian came through. I hesitate to say it is a better beer but I think it is a more "relaxed" beer.