Review: Tree Hefeweizen Wheat Ale

Review: Tree Hefeweizen Wheat Ale by Cody La Bière
This is a beer I didn't get to try last year, Tree Brewing's Hefeweizen. Why didn't I try it? I have no clue, honestly!

Spring's here and the grass and leaves are growing, that means - more witbiers and Hefeweizens, including Tree's own.

Tree's Hefeweizen comes in a 650mL painted bottle, a nice bottle but fairly simple. It costs $6.25, so slightly pricier than others. Has an ABV of 5.0%, so nothing too interesting there.

Appearance: Pours a reall vibrant orange colour, incredibly hazy. Similar in appearance to something like Rickard's White. Nice snow white head, quite a bit of micro-carbonation taking place in this beer. Nice head.

Aroma: Wheat is incredibly noticeable in this hefeweizen, incredibly wheaty ale. A fair amount of citrus from bananas and lemon in this beer, compareable to some macro-micro wheats, nothing that comes at you.

Taste: Quite a wheat beverage in my opinion. The amount of citrus flavour is quite minimal, quite bland, in fact. The banana and lemon flavours are there, but it's fairly.. boring. A bit of bitterness, it is more bitter than sweet in my opinion.

Overall Thoughts: Not worth the price tag. However, if you want a wheaty hefeweizen with a bit of bitterness and the citrus flavoures are subdued, you will likely enjoy this beer. However, if you want a zesty banana/lemon in the beer? You will be disappointed but this is much more flavourful than two other wheat ales I've had from BC, I just want much more zing to it. But no, I won't put a lemon wedge in this beer. This will be incredibly refreshing after a long hard work day.

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