Review: Lighthouse Switchback IPA

Review: Lighthouse Switchback IPA by Cody La Bière
Thanks to my friend Jonny, I got to try Lighthouse Brewing's Switch Back IPA! Lighthouse doesn't sell any beer in Manitoba so when I get to try something not available in Manitoba, you know it's going to be a great afternoon!

Lighthouse is a brewery out of Victoria, BC and according to several of my friends, including Jonny - they make some really kickass beer. I've never tried any beer from Vancouver Island, let alone Lighthouse, so I am quite excited. The beer industry in BC and Vancouver Island is really taking off now days as BC is the Oregon of the Canadian North West.

Switch Back IPA is one of the beers I get to try out thanks to Jonny. I don't know why it's not available in Manitoba, but perhaps it will be one day.

Appearance: Pours a clear golden hay straw yellow, yet more amber than a standard lager. Quite a bit more carbonation than some IPAs I've had in the last little bit. Quite a bit of head, so much so that it was foaming over the glass. The head is thick and creamy, a bit of a beige-white appearance.

Aroma: One word: Hoplicious. This Switchback is an India Pale Ale that doesn't skimp on the hops. It has a very hoppy bitterness mixed with a splendid grapefruit zing. I find the aroma comparable to Red Racer's ESB. Quite a pleasant aroma!

Taste: First thing's first - wow.. hoppy! Immediately the hops' bitterness stings the tongue, but then the grapefruit citrus comes by and compliments said bitter hops. There's a bit of a lemon zest in there as well. Main themes of this beer: Beaucoup des houblons et beaucoup de pamplemousse! (Lots of hops and lots of grapefruit!)

Overall Thoughts: The beer is very straightforward, this is an incredibly hoppy India Pale Ale with a great grapefruit citrus flavour. If you love a great IPA with lots of hops - this is a great example of a great IPA! If you are expecting a Keith's - you will be severely disappointed!

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