Review: Big Rock - McNally's Extra Ale

It's not every day when a different beer (or two) from a large regional brewery come to the liquorstore. This week Big Rock's McNally's Extra and IPA beers arrived at the LC. I'm somewhat familiar with their beers, but generally all their beers taste mostly the same. How does McNally's Extra Ale do?

Appearance: Love the foil on the bottle, reminds me of Unibroue's regular sized beer bottles. Pours a dark honey colour, slight carbonation, minimal head.

Aroma: Has a floral tone to it, as well as that aroma of a Big Rock Beer that beers like their Traditional Ale have, familiarity.

Taste: The first thing that came to me was that this reminded me of their Traditional Ale.. but then you get hit with a maltiness and hops that you're not really used to in Big Rock. Quite interesting. Has a slight amount of citrus as well. The texture on my tongue is pretty light, kind of watery.

Value: Just over $2.00 per bottle before taxes. So it's not expensive at all. It's a good beer to sip back and blog to. It also has an ABV of 7%, so it will give you a bit of warmth and is available in individual bottles.

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