10 beers I want to see in Manitoba

Just the other day I saw the MLCC tweet (here and here) that they are proud to announce that they have large quantities of Rolling Rock beer (largest in Western Canada) and Rickards Blonde at some locations. I find this absolutely appalling. One month they will get in a few new kick-ass beers from other parts of Canada, but only publicly discuss crap that no beer connoisseur would ever touch. Thanks to this, there's a hilarious parody twitter account. What's sad though is that the actual MLCC twitter account seems to be a parody of the parody now.

I also wish the MLCC would get a full time social media person running their Twitter account. A great example to a great social media account representing a beer/liquor chain is Ontario's The Beer Store. Their social media team (or it may be one person) has always been great on giving customers advice and telling them about any specials that the store may be having, as well as responding to customer inquiries.

I'm already off topic, here's a list of ten beers I would love to be sold in Manitoba, rather than the same old MolsonInBev corn water. I will keep the list to Canadian beers, as we all would love to have Dogfish Head beer.

  1. Anything by Brasserie McAuslan - their St Ambroise Oatmeal Stout and Apricot Wheat Ale are some of the most savoury beers I have ever tried.
  2. Wildrose Brewery - I've heard rave reviews about their beer for a very long time now, it's time for their beer to make an appearance in Manitoba
  3. Garrison Raspberry Wheat - The reason why I put this in here is because one of my best friends takes an annual trip to Halifax and brings back several bottles of this beer. She has turned into a big beer snob in the last year and raves nonstop about it. Garrison is a very respectable brewery that makes the true Nova Scotian India Pale Ale!
  4. Duggan's - This microbrewery recently shut down, but a few of their staples are still being brewed by Cool Brewing.
  5. Muskoka Summer Weiss - Muskoka had quite an extensive selection at the MLCC last year, but then their products quickly disappeared from the shelves. I'm a huge weiss fan, although I wasn't much of a fan of their Hefe-weissbier from last year, but I could likely survive an entire summer on only weiss/witbiers. 
  6. Muskoka Double Chocolate Cranberry Stout - Actually, you can still find this delicious stout at a few MLCC locations to this very day, but it's rare. I want to see the 2011 edition make its way into Manitoba. This is one of the absolute best stouts I ever had. It came out just in time for Christmas and proved to be an amazing dessert after the Christmas dinner. So. Tasty!
  7. Paddock Wood 606 India Pale Ale - Like Muskoka, Saskatchewan's Paddock Wood sold some of their beers at the MLCC for a brief period of time. However, unfortunately for Paddock Wood, every MLCC location I visited would stock their beer in an obscure location in the store, so that not only was the beer hard to find, but it was also collecting dust. That's a shame to a great microbrewery's beer. I tried their Bête Noire stout and found it pretty tasty, even if the case was sitting at the liquor store for two years.
  8. Unibroue Blonde de Chambly and Terrible - Blonde de Chambly, like Blanche de Chambly is a beer that brings back memories of a simpler time in my life (of employment!) If Unibroue Terrible was sold at the MLCC, it would be quickly scooped up by beer snobs galore.. ah.. I can dream.
  9. La Barberie Blonde au Chardonnay - I had the privilege to try a beer from Brasserie La Barberie made specially for Épicerie J.A Moisan. It was a nice flavourful dark ale that shouts out "THIS IS QUEBEC!" Since then, I wanted to try out more of their beers, and this beer sounds like something that would be incredibly delicious.
  10. Anything by Dieu du Ciel - You likely thought that I was going to forget Dieu du Ciel. Mais non! Dieu du Ciel is raved as one of the best beers in Quebec, if not Canada! Their péché mortel gets rave reviews by everyone I know that's ever tried it. 
Some of you will disagree with some of these choices, but what Canadian beers would you love to see come to Manitoba? Oh, and Molson Export would be nice, only because it's the only macro by MolsonInBev that I miss..

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