Howe Sound Baldwin & Cooper Best Bitter

Howe Sound is a brewery I've wanted to try for some time now, and this past Thursday their Baldwin & Cooper Best Bitter randomly made an appearance at the MLCC. Huzzah - more microbreweries! I saw that their only beer (at the moment) available was in a 1L bottle. I was intrigued, however - 1L of beer may be too much.. But thats why it has a swing top for those times when you can't drink it all!

Appearance: very large 1L bottle, comes capped, but also with swing top, in case you don't finish the beer (might be great for those home brewers). Beer poured a dark reddish-copper colour, hazy. Head was somewhat beige, somewhat eggshell colour, it's slowly going down, but certainly not carbonated like some beers out there.

Aroma: Sweet, like honey, HOPS! I smell hops! I also slightly smell something faint that I can only think of as "a girl wearing perfume right before heading to the bar." A sweet smell (but in large quantities is intoxicating, of course).

Taste: Slightly acidic on the tongue.. very hoppy. Sure not as hoppy as say.. my favourite India Pale Ales, but if you're a hop fan like myself, you'll enjoy it. It's bitter, of course. So for us beer snobs, it will be easy to drink down.. but if you give it to a weaker friend.. they may not like it. Malty as well. Really, not bad.

Value: It was $9.99 before tax for the 1L bottle. So it IS quite pricey, but I'm glad I bought it.. but I won't be buying this weekly.. That is, until I get a job. Love the swing top for convenience, it has an ABV of 5.5% so you won't get buzzed.. unless if you get buzzed easily.

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Wooderson said...

I was pleasantly surprised by this fine beer. I just wish the MLCC would carry more product from Howe Sound.