Review: Ölvisholt Brugghús LAVA Smoked Imperial Stout (Iceland)

I planned on doing this for my 52 beers project back when the Icelandic Volcano eruption occurred, but the stock depleted immediately when that occurred. They were unable to keep Lava Stout in stock for several months.

Now they have lots of it, I decided it was time to try it, this is Ölvisholt Brugghús Lava Smoked Imperial Stout. Iceland's second largest settlement on the planet is here in Manitoba, so it's fitting to try this as a Manitoban.

The beer's on sale for $4.99 for a 500mL bottle, pricey than some imports, but cheap for a stout. This is a smoked stout, this is only the second smoked beer I've ever tried so it should be interesting.

Aroma: hint of a malty alcohol smell filling my nose. A bit of a hint of sweetness like caramel.

Appearance: Very very very creamy black pitch black, with a caramel golden head.

Taste: First thing that hits you is the sweetness of the stout, and HOLY MOTHER OF GOD!! It's incredibly strong! Stronger than most stouts I've ever tasted, and you really do taste the smokiness in it. Generally smokiness and beer are never heard in the same sentence but this is very smokey! It almost gives me tears cuz it's that STRONG in flavour! As soon as it hits your tongue, it sticks around even after you swollowed the sip, the flavour lingers attached your tongue and eventually disappears. Holy Dina, I didn't realize it had a high ABV either, it is 9.4%! Wow, If you're planning on taste testing, you're most likely to get buzzed, this is probably one of the strongest ABVs for a stout I've ever had. Wow, and certainly not a stout you can drink quickly, you can only take the most minimal of sips, that strong.

Will I ever try this again? Hell yes, this is one of the more interesting beverages I've tried, strong flavour, not for the weak beer drinker!

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