Flying Monkeys' Hoptical Illusion Almost Pale Ale (Ontario)

Another new beer now in Manitoba thanks to the MLCC! They've been doing a decent job bringing in beer for microbrew fans lately! HINT HINT MLCC: We want more! IE Dieu de Ciel!

I heard about Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery having their new "SmashBomb Atomic IPA" being rejected by the LCBO for sale in their stores as apparently the beer will appeal to youth. I had to try one of their beers to support them!

So what did I think? It's about $2.80 or so before tax here in Manitoba. It comes in a 355mL pop-off bottle (so get out your bottle openers!) and is 5% alcohol. When I first saw this beer, I thought it was one of those hemp beers, just from the crazy design. It's just really graphical funky look. It's an "Almost Pale Ale", as they don't consider this "quite" a Pale Ale. If this was considered a pale ale - it'd be one of the better ones out there. A friend of mine said that the aroma is reminiscent to "the smell of wet dog." Which I can understand, has a light amount of hopiness to the arome. Taste wise, very nutty. One of the nuttier tasting beers I've had. Slight hint of hops on the tongue, but not much. Nice amount of citrus.

All in all, quite a decent beer. I'll certainly buy it again! Of course, one has to support the Canadian microbrewing industry as much as possible! As us Manitobans don't get much options at the moment.


Unknown said...

A beer from my backyard! An excellent choice, and I hope you get to taste the smashbomb because it is fantastic!!

Cody Lobreau said...

If it doesn't come here, soon enough I'll come to it! Flying Monkeys are a great underrated micro, will be checking them out again and again!