Wells India Pale Ale

Wells India Pale Ale, originally uploaded by Cody La Bière.
Time to try out Wells IPA, brewed in the heart of England. I'm a bit aggravated today so I needed something right now.

What did I think? It was fairly cheap, $2.50 for 500mL can, decent for an IPA. 5% ABV

Aroma: smells like it just got out of a can, which is exactly what it is. Perhaps a bit of a corn aroma as well.

Head & Appearance: A rich amber red colour, reminiscent of some British ales, very thick head, that's not going anywhere, slightly cream colour.

Taste: First sip was all "tastes like a can of beer indeed, like one you get out of a cooler in summer time, not very IPAish." If I was expecting a Keiths kind of wannabe-IPA, it'd be closer to that. Not bad, but you get what you pay for! A hint of bittersweetness.

Overall, a meh beer, cheap, so if you want to be all cultured and try something different, sure - try it. For me though, I'll have a Half Pints' Little Scrapper IPA tonight!


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