Review: Bellwoods Wizard Wolf Session Ale

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Bellwoods Brewery is another Canadian brewery that's booming in popularity so much that beer geeks are having an incredibly hard time finding their product. Well, this isn't a surprise as it's rated as the best brewery in Ontario according to Their Wizard Wolf Session Ale (Pale Ale) is the first I've tried by them.

Appearance: Wizard Wolf pours a cloudy copper-orange ale with some sediment, unfiltered for usre! A nice lacing of beige foam on top that's not going anywhere at all. Looks like a solid Pale Ale already!

Aroma: More hops than an entire tank of Alexander Keith's! Quite a west coast aromatic American Pale Ale, notes of grapefruit, pine, a bit of a sugariness to it, lightly soapy and overall a bitter pale ale.. mmm!

Taste: A bit soapy again, but that's all okay! Flavours of bitter hops that give off a bitter pine flavour to it, a sweet caramel sweetness backing, slightly bready and hops keep coming back for more! Not as bitter as I expected compared to many American Pale Ales, but the caramel malt mixed with the hops give it a nice balanced flavour in it - not as bitter as the aroma would let you to believe.

Overall Thoughts: A very solid pale ale, more of an IPA than Alexander Keith's will ever be, quite a nicely hopped pale ale with a great caramel malt backing. I'll certainly be drinking this again.. if I get my hands on it, quite solid, so it's not a surprise that Bellwoods Brewery is quickly turning into one of Canada's best breweries!

A session pale ale at 4.8% ABV.. has beautiful artwork on the label and very flavourful for being a session!


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