Review: Boréale IPA du Nord-Est

We already know that New England IPAs are the hit of the summer, every brewery is making them! However, who would have thought that the most sought after beer in all of Quebec would be a product by Boréale?! Boréale is one of my go-to breweries while in Quebec, and the brewery holds a lot of nostalgia for me from my days living in Quebec City. It's weird to think that a Boréale product would be insanely well sought after to the point that stores aren't able to keep it in stock the moment it hits the shelves. Well, that's for good reason - the beer is supposedly insanely good! I've had a lot of New England style IPAs in the past six months or so now and I've had a lot of good ones, but also a lot of "this just a kind of sweet IPA".

 Appearance: First thing here, this is insanely thick and reminiscent of an orange smoothie, it's creamy, it's insanely heavy, a good deal of sediment and looks like a part of a balanced breakfast. It has a murky orange body to it with a light to moderate amount of yellow-beige head on top that is a bit reminiscent of well.. a smoothie. 

Aroma: Juice! I'm getting notes of orange juice, pineapple juice and even a bit of mango in here. Light amount of bitterness, and a hint of creamsicle at the very end.

Taste: Tropical fruit smoothie! This is insanely tasty! This has flavours of oranges, pineapple and mango. It's weird to think that this is an IPA but, well.. it is! It's more reminiscent of a healthy, wholesome smoothie than anything else. It's a bit creamy, so it gives off notes reminiscent of a creamsicle, an ever so slight breadiness to it. Not much of a bitterness from the hops here - more of a hint of grassiness than anything (that's not tropical fruit zest). The aftertaste is a light grainy bitterness with a pineapple sweetness and a bit of a creamy mouthfeel.

Overall Thoughts: This is what brewers need to try when they're coming out with their own "NE IPAs". A lot of them are serious misses that look and taste nothing like a juicy New England IPA. This one is full on tropical fruitiness with a heavy dose of creaminess, something I could drink all day long, it's tough to believe that this is 6% ABV! Thick, heavy and juicy! This NE IPA is available in Quebec for now, but it's already sold out at a lot of places. 

Chère Boréale, keep up the good work! 

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Review: Vox Populi Vox Pop IPA (Mono Houblon El Dorado)

I checked out the brand spanking new Dépanneur Peluso's Beaubien location the other day and asked one of the beer experts to recommend me an awesome IPA that I can buy in single cans. He handed me a can of Vox Populi's Vox Pop IPA (Citra). What surprised me was that he didn't suggest Vox Populi's Double Fruit Punch, but I've been told that Double Fruit Punch is incredibly overrated.. even if it's regarded as one of the top Canadian beers according to Untappd users. I really enjoyed the Vox Pop IPA a lot, to the point I was wanting to bring home a six-pack of it back to Manitoba. Unfortunately, my luggage was already over the weight limit so I could only take one can home. I went back to Peluso and while they didn't have the Citra version of Vox Pop IPA anymore, they did have a single hopped El Dorado version of the beer, so I took home that beer instead.

Appearance: Vox Pop Mono Houblon El Dorado pours a bright hazy orange body with a thick, frothy off-white head on top. There's a decent amount of glass residue as the beer is quickly being sampled. 

Aroma: There's notes of alfalfa, pineapple, a hint of yeastiness, hint of pine. This is pretty decently juicy.. which surprised me a bit because I don't remember El Dorado hop being a juicy hop to begin with.

Taste: Wow, this is a sweet, juicy-forward IPA that reminds me of great New England IPAs. There's flavours of orange, pineapple, leafy and alfalfa hops, a moderate amount of booze burn, lemon and a bit of grassiness to it.

Overall Thoughts: Delicious IPA! It's juicy, floral, a bit grassy and goes down like ice cold water on a hot summer day. Vox Populi has their beer contract brewed over at Oshlag alongside breweries like Avant Garde, so I'm honestly insanely impressed that a contract brewery can consistently make beers so delicious I wish I bought a six pack of it. I'm going to have to trade some beer to get more of this.. once I have more than $50 in my chequing account. 6.5% ABV, 45 IBU.

Review: Manitoulin Brewing's Swing Bridge Blonde Ale

"You're on island time now!" - That's quite the tagline for a beer. Manitoulin Brewing has never been available until now as part of MLCC's Coast to Coaster event. For the event, Manitoulin Brewing's Swing Bridge Blonde Ale is making its debut here in Manitoba. Swing Bridge Blonde Ale is apparently currently the brewery's only canned product. The Swing Bridge is described as distinctively smooth, flavourful and fresh. Tops out at 5.0% ABV and 22 IBU. It's brewed with Brewer's Gold and Hallertauer hops. The Manitoba connection in this beer is that Brewer's Gold hop originated in the wild in Manitoba as BB1, pretty cool.. huh?

Appearance: I was expecting a Labatt 50 sort of consistency in this beer.. so a clear, pale straw body with lots of carbonation and a moderate amount of head that diminishes almost immediately. This isn't the case - It's a cloudy, unfiltered lemon yellow body with a moderate amount of carbonation and a good amount of white head on top, foam that's barely diminishing.

Aroma: Fairly malt-forward but it also has a nice hop presence in this blonde. It has a sweet yet grainy grainery aroma to it, a hint of lemon, grassy and slightly bitter leafy hops, and for the most part.. it's kind of reminiscent of many craft blonde ales I've had, such as Picaroons' Blonde Ale.

Taste: A cereal/grainy flavour up front that's pretty sweet. There's notes of lemon, grassy and slightly bitter hops to it. It's easy on the palate - fairly clean and crisp. Nothing overpowering in any sense in this beer.

Overall Thoughts: The beer is your standard craft blonde ale, and in a time like right now where craft breweries are trying to woo customers away from Labatt, this is definitely something I could see being raved about by someone who typically drinks Labatt products but is willing to try something new. The beer is fairly sweet, lightly hopped and bitter. It's easy to drink and would pair well with bonfires, but you know that this isn't something I'd generally ever crave. I'm glad to see a brewery on Manitoulin Island in Ontario, every community in Canada deserves their own community/local brewery. In fact, Manitoulin Brewing officially opened back in May and they already have a presence in Manitoba, that's pretty cool!

Review: Fernie Brewing's Hit the Deck New England IPA

New England-style IPAs are so in style right now that every brewery and their dog is creating a New England-style IPA. Today, it's Fernie Brewing's turn with Hit the Deck. The beer is described as light, cloudy, low in bitterness, but light in hop flavour and aroma.

Appearance: Pours a hazy orangey/straw body with a moderate amount of carbonation in the beer and two finger's worth of off-white head. Looks a bit lighter compared most NE IPAs.

Aroma: There's a hint of grapefruit, pineapple juice and a sweet doughiness to it. I would have liked to see more of that pineapple popping out because it's just TOO light in aroma for me.

Taste: Starts out a bit grainy, there's various different hop profiles to it - I get a bit of a grassy and earthy hop presence in there, a hint of pine, tea, and a hint of pineapple & grapefruit from the Galaxy hops. The aftertaste is a light leafy and pine bitterness - only really pops up at the very end.

Overall Thoughts: The beer itself isn't bad at all - it has a decent hop presence (pine, grass, earthy, fruity), easily better than most of their other IPA releases I've had.. but as a New England IPA, it's underwhelming.. very underwhelming. I wouldn't consider this a New England IPA as it's missing that overly juicy flavour to it, but it's still alright regardless.

Review: Granville Island Gose with Peach (Small Batch Series)

I nearly missed a parcel delivery because one of my roommates threw out my pick-up notice, but thankfully another roommate asked what I had delivered. Some people are scumbags.. but thankfully I picked it up just in time! The parcel was Gose with Peach by Granville Island Brewing. I haven't really had any Granville Island beers lately because there's just too many beers to try now days. That said, I usually really like the small batch releases they do, especially their saison.

Granville Island's Gose with Peach is described as being crisp like a cider, and having ripe fruit notes from real peaches that offset the tartness of the German style.

Appearance: Cloudy with an unfiltered tea-like copper brown appearance to it.
Light amount of carbonation taking place in this beer and the head is incredibly minimal.. it's just a hint of bubbles here and there.

Aroma: I was expecting a sour and salty profile here, so instead, I'm getting a bit of a mushy wet barley aroma with notes of peach, a hint of sourness and a sprinkling of saltiness. There's also a hint of pepper in here which surprised me. So far, this is a gose for those who don't like sour/tart goses, and there's a lot of beer drinkers who dislike sour/tart flavours in beer.

Taste: The tartness you'd know and expect in a gose makes its appearance right at the beginning. It's not quite as tart as most goses out there so it's pretty easy to drink. There's a moderate sour peach flavour in there, a bit of a grainy barley porridge flavour to it, and a bit of saltiness - if this didn't have the salty aspect.. it wouldn't be a gose! The aftertaste is a light grainy yet sour taste that lingers only momentarily.

Overall Thoughts: This is lighter than most goses I've had in the past few months. I've had goses that flat out made me pucker and cringe, so this is more of an ale with a light tart peach flavour, some saltiness, a pinch of pepper and a grainy barley flavour to it. I kind of expected it to be sour but in reality.. I'm not really a big fan of goses because of the sourness, so this is a nice treat. It pairs well with the Fuzzy Peach candies they accompanied with the beer. Would I drink this again? I know I will. I find most Goses are around 3.0-3.5% ABV, so seeing this topping out at 5.0% ABV is a bit of a surprise.

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Review: Avant Garde Perdu dans Malle triple

It's already been a decent amount of weeks since I was at Mondial de la bière, but feels like it was just last week (even if it was Canada Day). I'll be paying off the trip for probably the next eighteen months or so but it was worth it. I tried over eighty different new (to me) and made some new friends at the event.. though my memory is a bit *ahem* hazy from the event.

The folks over at the Glutenberg/Jukebox/Avant-Garde Artisans Brasseurs table treated me really well over the entire Mondial weekend to the point that I likely spent a quarter of my time chatting with my new friends Renaud and Shawn over at Avant Garde. Renaud comes from Bières Jukebox, which I have reviewed back in 2013 with his Distorsion IPA, while Shawn comes from McAuslan Brewing (St Ambroise) as a former assistant brewmaster.

Avant Garde brews out of Brasserie et Distillerie Oshlag, which is a contract brewery that happens to be the sister brewery of Glutenberg and seems to consist mostly of former McAuslan staff. Shawn was kind enough to give myself and Hop Citizen a tour a few weeks back and I'll be posting that soon.. but on to the beer!

Tonight I'm checking out Perdu dans Malle, Avant Garde's Belgian triple. Perdu dans Malle tops out at 9.1% ABV/39 IBU.

Avant Garde has a super serious pairing selection for this beer, including: Belgian fries, Mitraillette, children's parties with clowns or Sunday mass, and with the music of Stromae/Jacques Brel.

Appearance: Perdu sans Malle pours a moderately cloudy golden ale - For some reason at certain angles it appears as if it is a bit clear.. but it's not. Light amount of carbonation and 1.5 fingers worth of white head that diminishes to mostly residue sticking to the glass or a light amount of skim on top of the beer.

Aroma: This is a citrus-forward Belgian triple that has a good presence of bitter hoppiness - a bit of a pine and dill aroma to it. Notes of bubble gum, lemon, grass and a light amount of spice.

Taste: I'm a bit surprised that this is 9.1% as it's not boozy at all.. Rather, it's crisp, citrusy (lemon) and decently bitter. For some reason I was thinking "hmm.. this has a decent amount of dill like as if it has Sorachi Ace hops to it". Well.. I just checked on the website and it does have Sorachi Ace hops in it! That makes me excited as I haven't had a Sorachi Ace hopped beer in three or four years at this point. It's sweet, a tad yeasty, grassy and pretty much reminiscent of your typical Belgian triple. Hint of pear popping out at the very end.

Overall Thoughts: I'm surprised by the hop presence in here.. not because of the whole Sorachi Ace aspect of the beer.. but because it's decently more bitter than most Belgian triples I drink (which I drink a lot of). I AM even more surprised that it uses Sorachi Ace hops though, it's an under represented hop in beer and it works really well in Belgian styles of beers. Good amount of hops, mildly citrusy, lightly yeasty/bready and overall delicious Belgian triple - Shawn and Renaud have an awesome beer on their hands... I just wish I could find it in Manitoba. Stay tuned for my upcoming blog entry on my visit to Oshlag/Glutenberg thanks to Shawn!

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Review: Amsterdam Brewing's Spotted Cow White Wheat Ale

I wanted to take a photo of this beer with a cow but unfortunately all the cows are deep into the pasture so.. no photo for me!

Amsterdam Brewing's Spotted Cow White Wheat Ale is Flemish-style white beer brewed with two types of orange peel, coriander, and a touch of anise. The beer tops out at 5.0% ABV/12 IBU.

Appearance: Pours a moderately hazy golden-orangey body with a bit of clearness to it.. but not really. Moderately carbonated and the beer has a full finger's worth of foam on top as soon as it's poured - the head looks photo perfect! As I'm writing this, the head barely diminishes at all, it's maybe still .5 finger's worth.

Aroma: There's a moderate amount of coriander and orange peel in this beer. Hint of lemon, Belgian yeast, a touch of spiciness and light metallic notes. Not overpowering, fairly light but still pretty aromatic and reminiscent to most Belgian witbiers.

Taste: This is a biscuit-forward witbier with a moderate amount of coriander and orange peel. Ever so slightly sweet, and light grassy hops are popping out at the very end.

Overall Thoughts: This is a bit reminiscent to a lot of the witbiers I tend to drink regularly (Blanche de Chambly, Torque's Witty Belgian). Pretty much a solid every day witbier - it's not too sweet and orange-y nor is it overly spiced with coriander so it won't be leaving an herbal aftertaste long after finishing the beer. Solid witbier.

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Review: Steamworks Killer Cucumber Ale

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Wait.. Cody's drinking his vegetables.. what in the world?! Yep, so I picked up a can of Steamworks' Killer Cucumber Ale, which is part of Liquor Marts' Cost to Coaster promotion. While I would rather be drinking a fruit-forward beer, I had to give this beer a try because well.. I try to review everything I can for you guys and gals! For some reason, I keep hearing about Muskoka Brewing's Cool as a Cuke beer, but we don't current have that one in Manitoba. I don't like cucumbers, so you're in for a treat - me trying a beer that's going to make me cringe a bit!

Appearance: Pours a fairly clear golden straw body with a hefty amount of snow white foam on top, good deal of micro carbonation. As it diminishes, little puffs of foam are sticking to the side of the glass.

Aroma: What surprises me here is that the smell of cucumbers didn't initially pop out at me. The aromas that showed up initially were lemon, a light amount of honey, grass, and a light amount of piney hop bitterness. Eventually, a light amount of vegetal cucumber aroma made its debut, smelling like.. cucumbers straight from the garden.

Taste: CUCUMBER! Well, with a beer with "cucumber" in its name, it definitely lived up to expectation. The vegetal flavour of cucumber is making me cringe.. yuck, I HATE cucumbers! With all that being said - it tastes very natural and not extract-like, almost as if someone made a beer cocktail consisting of pale ale and a bunch of cucumbers. Since the cucumber flavour overpowers everything else, it's tough to say what else I'm tasting.. but I'm getting a light grassiness to it, a light amount of graininess from the barley, hint of honey.. aaaand that's about it.

Overall Thoughts: Cucumber. If you love cucumbers, try this beer. If you're me, I won't be drinking this again. 4.7% ABV

Review: Brasserie du Bocq's Blanche de Namur

I was at the liquor store the other day and one of the clerks just received a brand new beer I've never heard of before - Blanche de Namur by Brasserie du Bocq out of Belgium. As someone who became a beer geek thanks to witbiers back in mid '00s, I didn't even think twice about buying the beer. It's been a while since I've done a review, but due to work and vacation.. and lack of desire.. I just haven't written anything for the past month, so I've been pushing myself to review this all day today.

According to the label, Blanche de Namur was elected as the world's best wheat beer according to the World Beer Awards in 2009 and 2012. I've seen mediocre Canadian beers win gold at the WBAs in the past so I don't know how solid the designation is, but we'll find out if I like it in just a moment!

Photos: A visit to Beau's All Natural Brewing

Last week, my buddy Hop Citizen (Kaiser) and I decided to do a day trip to Ottawa. My main goal of the trip was to visit Beau's All Natural Brewing in Vankleek Hill, Ontario. Beau's has only been available in Manitoba for ten months now and has become well raved after by local beer drinkers to the point that one of the restaurants in Brandon has their beer on tap (craft beer on tap is a rare sight still), and their seasonals sell out quite quickly whenever they make their way to LC or beer vendor shelves. Beau's Jen and Steve Beauschene, as well as Andrew and Patrick treated myself and Hop Citizen to a very VIP Beau's experience at the brewery. I was wanting to stay for lunch with the folks over at Beau's, but Kaiser had other plans for us for the rest of the day! This is the first time I played around with my new Canon EF-S24mm f/2.8 STM lens, it's a decent lens not as good at staying focused as my EF40mm f/2.8 STM. Here's photos from our trip to Beau's last week.

I originally planned this trip months ago to go with my buddy Ryan in Ottawa, but due to work, he was unable to meet up with us - he was the reason why I first tried Beau's back in 2013, and he's such a big Beau's fan that Beau's was the beer that they served at his wedding!

Lastly.. before we get to the photos: I appreciate breweries that put emphasis on rural life and agriculture. Beau's and their old tractor remind me of my childhood when I thought I was going to be a farmer. At least the beer aspect of agriculture I still get giddy about!

The moment you enter Beau's, you see their brewing equipment in action.

Andrew (left) and Patrick (right) being awesome hosts and making sure we get to try what's new at Beau's. Andrew has been working for Beau's for only a month now as Customer Engagement Co-ordinator and you can just tell he's having a blast - he's been a Beau's fan for a long time now and said that working at Beau's was his dream job. He was also featured on Beau's announcement video for their Farm Table Saison.

Kaiser needed to get a closeup of the tap labels

Surly! Founders!

Steve heard I was in town so he stopped by to say hi!

Eh, Steve?! He's less babyfaced now than when I saw him at Flatlander's Beer Festival in Winnipeg the week before
Just your typical every day Hop Citizen

Jen and Andrew!

Jen and the folks over at Beau's happen to be the biggest non-Manitoban fans of Winnipeg's Torque Brewing, so I just had to bring some samples with me! I was planning on bringing a few cans of Foundation Pale ale but unfortunately I couldn't find any until after I got back to Manitoba. One day Beau's and Torque will do a collaboration beer.. seeing that John K Samson & The Winter Wheat are performing at Beau's Oktoberfest this year, a John K Samson "Winter Wheat" themed beer only makes sense.

While I was at the brewery, I had the honour to meet Fina Uwineza, the entrepreneur who is starting up a women-owned craft brewery in Rwanda thanks to an awesome successful kickstarter campaign thanks to Beau's! She told me that municipal laws have been making it hard for her to find the right space to start up a brewery but she's confident she will be finding the right space soon! Here's Fina with Steve.

Myself with Fina and Steve

Steve with Kaiser

Thank you to the folks over at Beau's for taking time out of their schedule to meet with us! We didn't get time to visit Halcyon Barrel House, which is Beau's new startup brewery that's producing exclusively barrel aged beers, but I did briefly meet brewer Bryce while at the brewery, but next time I'll be checking the place out!

Review: Collective Arts IPA No. 2 (Collective Project)

I absolutely enjoyed Collective Arts' IPA No. 1 when it came out back in March. In fact, as soon as I reviewed it, I had someone go "IPA No. 1 is garbage.. look out for IPA No. 2, you'll love it!" Well, I didn't think it was garbage.. but what would I know? IPA No 2 is brewed with Mosaic, Simcoe and Waimea hops and comes out at 7.1% ABV.

Appearance: A cloudy orange bodied beer with a massive amount of light-beige head on top. I had to wait around 20 minutes to photograph this beer because the glass was 60% foam initially (not the fault of my pouring, it was just a foamy beer).

Aroma: Sweet and juicy! Notes of oranges, pineapple and a hint of honey. Light graininess to it, a hint of lemon. Light floral notes and just a hint of pine in there. Very juicy IPA!

Taste: The juiciness pops out really well in this beer with pineapple dominating the flavour, followed by orange peel, a bit of lemon and a light graininess to it. Mildly bitter with pine, grapefruit, and floral notes. In every sip I get the fresh squeezed fruitiness in every aspect.. almost like a beer mimosa.

Overall Thoughts: This is a great example of the Juicy or New England-style IPA trend that's exploded this year. I could drink this every day if I had the chance. This makes up for Ransack the Universe not being in stock at my local LC for now.

Review: Beau's Full Time IPA

I'm heading to Montreal in two weeks for Mondial de la bière, one of the largest beer festivals in the world. While at Mondial, I'm doing a day trip to Ontario with Hop Citizen and stopping at Beau's and hopefully a few awesome Ottawa brewpubs and restaurant(s) along the trip. The other day I received a bottle of Full Time IPA: Jack over at Eclectic Beverages has been raving about this beer for MONTHS, just counting down the days until it was available in Manitoba. Full Time IPA is supposed to be a new permanent offering for Beau's for the Manitoba market to compliment Lug Tread, being available in bottles and kegs throughout Manitoba, so you will be seeing this in Winnipeg and Brandon restaurants sometime in the near future. For some reason I keep getting this beer mixed up with Founders' All Day IPA because.. well, sometimes Full Time can be all day long. This is also the first time I get to play around with my Canon 24MM STM pancake lens.

Appearance: Full Time pours a moderately cloudy golden straw, it seems kind of clear but behind the glass all I see is the shadow of whatever is behind the beer glass. There is a good amount of micro-carbonation, giving off a good stream of bubbles in the middle of the glass, but not quite like a lager or pilsner. As for the head, It starts off with a rich, thick frothy white head but quickly diminishes into a half finger's worth of foam on top and some lacing on the side.

Aroma: The aroma is a combination of bitter and tropical, a bit reminiscent of Driftwood's Fat Tug IPA. The first thing that comes to mind is a solid amount of pine and floral bitterness that just makes me want to drink this beer faster. There is also a great deal of tropical hop notes of pineapple, lemon and grapefruit that give it a great summertime patio zestiness to it. It's not as sweet and tropical as the New England IPAs we've been seeing pop up lately but it has exactly what I want in my IPAs - bitter hops complimented by some tropical notes.

Taste: The bitterness of the hops is dominant for the initial tasting, giving off notes of pine and a bit of graininess from the cereals. The next thing I taste is the tropical flavours that consist of pineapple, grapefruit, lemon and green apple. The aftertaste is slightly bitter with a lingering apple peel taste to it.

Overall Thoughts: I'm absolutely excited to see this beer launched in Manitoba, especially as a Full Time product. Beau's will be sampling it at Flatlanders Beer Festival at Bell MTS Place next week so I know I'll be trying to get seconds and thirds of this beer if the lines aren't too long (they will be). It's a solid West Coast IPA with a good deal of bitterness and a citrus backing to it. They recommend pairing it with Chipotle & mango salsa with spiced tortilla chips, BBQ beef burgers with caramelized onions and sharp cheddar, ginger-cookie-&-cream-cheese ice cream sandwich, which all sounds delicious (but I'd pair it without the onions).  6.7% ABV

Photos: Flatlanders 2017 Media Kickoff event

Yesterday was the 2017 Flatlanders Beer Festival media kick-off event at Grant Park for next weekend's annual festival. I've been to a few media events in the past but this was the first beer media event I've ever been to in Manitoba. To be honest, I was shocked with the low turnout - I expected a packed room with various media sources but in reality, there were more guys from the various breweries than media/social media at the event. I was hoping that the event was going to announce the beer lineup and I expected to see some (out of province) sample breweries (such as the beers by 49th Parallel Group) showing what they're bringing to the event. (PS - there is a list of beers to expect on Flatlanders' website)

Thankfully, there was a good showing by Winnipeg breweries: Barn Hammer Brewing, Fort Garry Brewing, PEG Beer Co, Nonsuch Brewery, Brazen Hall Kitchen & Brewery, Half Pints Brewing, Little Brown Jug and Torque Brewing. The room felt a tad empty as Neepawa's Farmery didn't make an appearance at the event.

Here's photos I took of the event in no particular order!

Barn Hammer Brewing

Chris (great product consultant from Portage & Burnell Liquor Mart) chatting with Adam and John at Torque Brewing

Fort Garry

Brazen Hall

Jeremy from Brazen Hall and Adam from Torque Brewing - Manitoba's two smilingest brewers

Nonsuch Brewing

Half Pints' products

Barn Hammer and Fort Garry

Colin and Dot from PEG Beer Co

Fresh from winning Bronze for American Style Amber/Red Ale at the Canadian Brewing Awards - Torque's Red Line Red IPA

Sable from Barn Hammer Brewing with Adam from Torque Brewing