Review: Container Fresh Horizons Hazy IPA

Today's sampling is Fresh Horizons Hazy IPA by Container Brewing in Vancouver. I had a few visits to Container Brewing when I was in Vancouver back in the fall and believe it or not.. I have photos of my visit to Vancouver from back in 2020 - they've been edited but I just need to post them someday! 

From the website: The journey continues, as we endeavour towards the bigger, bolder and fresher flavours ever on the horizon. Join us for an intense citrus and tropical experience that finishes slightly tart with a touch of sweetness. 6.4% ABV

Appearance: When you're looking for a Hazy IPA, you're wanting hazy AF, deep orange body with a frothy snow white head on top.. which is exactly what this has. 100% according to style so far.

Aroma: Sweet, orange, lemon, a tad floral and full on tropical. Slight creaminess at the end. My nose isn't 100% but it's juicy as heck so far.

Taste: Dank, leafy and floral hop presence, followed by a lot of tropical sweetness of orange, lemon, perhaps a bit of pineapple. Don't drink this fast because it's definitely a bit gassy for the tummy so it's feeling a tad heavy. Slight creaminess and a slight bitter/pine aftertaste at the end.

Overall Thoughts: Solid and tropical, bit leafy and citrusy. I found this over at the Quality Beer Store in Winnipeg - I'm never underwhelmed by their beer selection as they always have something new coming in every week from who knows where.

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