Review: Sookrams Moontower Stout

Today I'm checking out Sookram's Brewing's Moontower Stout, an American-style Stout with heavy malt notes, roasted coffee-like aromas and hints of rich dark chocolate. 6.0% ABV

Appearance: Pours dark as the night, thick and has a moderate thickness of a yellowish/beige head on top that diminishes for the most part, leaving behind a light lacing on the glass at the end.

Aroma: Rich, roasty, notes of peat, coffee, dark chocolate, nibs and a hint of caramel. Somewhat earthy.

Taste: Fairly watery on the palate but it's very rich otherwise - bitter notes of coffee that tingles the palate for a good second or two, dark chocolate, a bit of an earthiness again (peat?) and a slight woodiness at the end to it.

Overall Thoughts: It's been a good while since I've reviewed a standard every day stout, something that's just a classic stout - nothing Imperial/Russian/Baltic about it. It's currently -27C at the time of writing this, so making it perfect timing for the beer - not something I'd typically drink when it's warmer than -10. 

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