Review: Kilter Froot Loopulin DDH Milkshake Pale Ale

Kilter Froot Loopulin Double Dry Hopped Milkshake Pale Ale
A fun & fruity milkshake Pale Ale double dry hopped and infused with a burst of tropical fruits, milk sugar, and vanilla. 5% ABV

Appearance: Pours a murky dark orange/almost copper brown body to it, very murky, a bit of floaty bits at the very very bottom of the glass and a moderate off-white head on top. The head diminishes pretty quickly leaving behind a sprinkling of bubbles on top of the beer and a light lacing on the glass.

Aroma: My first impression of this beer was pretty much "Wow, this smells almost exactly like a certain Toucan-based breakfast cereal of a near identical name!" It's got a faux tropical fruitiness to it, a lot of cereal notes, a bit of creaminess. It's quite sweet and the tropical notes I'm getting are pretty much a faux lime/lemon presence and a bit of raspberry and apple at the end. 

Taste: Sweet, grainy, moderate milkiness to the palate, sugary and has the faux fruity vibe again that gives off notes of oats/rice/wheat with a predominantly lime/lemon presence to it, but also other fruitiness that I can't really get (something tart?). Quite a breakfast cereal forward Pale Ale.

Overall Thoughts: An adult part of an adult breakfast.. if that adult has the day off from work or something. It's quite sweet, moderately creamy, faux tropical notes but definitely reminds me of the classic breakfast cereal a lot.

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