Review: Lake of the Woods (Minnesota) Queen B Honey Pale Ale

Lake of the Woods Brewing
and I go waaaaaaaaay back to the point that I'm still in touch with their original head brewer, Bernie. Back before they were selling their beer in Manitoba I'd get my sister to pick up a growler or two at the taproom in Kenora whenever she was coming back from her in laws in Northern Ontario and I still remember Sultana Gold was the only beer I'd order on tap at the pub closest to me as it was, at the time, the ONLY craft beer on tap - it was unfiltered, sweet, subtle hopped and paired well on hot prairie summer patios. Oh, and I loved their brewer domain name "lowbrewco" because many, many people (predominantly telemarketers and those in service industry who have to address me by name) have pronounced my surname Lowbrew over the years, so I asked them to make a shirt that said just that for a few years, but it never happened.

Fast forward to now, they have a brewery in Winnipeg and as well as a brewery in Warroad, Minnesota, so the brewery is in three provinces/territories and two countries.

Today's review is thanks to a good friend, Amanda, who picked up a can of Queen B Honey Pale Ale from the Warroad, MN location. Surprisingly, I haven't reviewed anything from their Winnipeg location.. yet.

From the label: Queen B - a nickname given to a number of powerful famous ladies out there.. Britney, Kim, Mel B, the Bey.. is our world our Queen B's include ladies like Ashley, Liz, Nat, Kat, Audrey, Megan, Brittney, Lindsay... Queen B is Lake of the Woods Brewing Company's first ever all female brewed beer, originally released in 2019 for International Women's Day. Honey gold in colour; & smoothly balanced, slightly bitter, with honey malt sweetness. Beer coveted by royals... but brewed to be enjoyed by all. 40 IBU / 5.9% ABV

Appearance: Mostly opaque honey-amber ale, moderate amount of carbonation in the body, light head with a creamy light beige hue to it. Looks like it'll a solid one.

Aroma: For sure a honey-forwad Pale Ale, the first thing I get is a sweetness of honey. There's a tad bit of a raw graininess to it, a tad bit of a hop presence that gives off a floral yet bitter presence to it, moderate notes of biscuits. 

Taste: Notes of biscuits to start it off, a heavy dose of honey, a hint of cardboard, brown sugar, a tad bitterness of pine, a bit of tobacco and a slightly floral presence from the hops at the end as well. Pretty straightforward, easy to drink, and has a bit of a bready aftertaste at the very end.

Overall Thoughts: I feel like I may have had this beer before or something similar to it at LOW before, it's nothing amazing but it's a very familiar taste, something that won't be offensive to someone who prefers a light lager, nor boring to a craft beer drinker. 

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