Review: 100 Watt 75 Watt Tripel

Thanks to my fave Dutch buddy for recommending me this beer - 75 Watt Tripel by 100 Watt Brewery out of Eindhoven, Netherlands. Somehow we didn't get time to make it out to this brewery during my recent NL/BE vacation but made sure to take some home to review!

From the label: This golden ale carries notes of dried yellow fruit and a bit of honey in the aroma. A suggestion of biscuit is found in the beer's varied palate. Brewed with a fair amount of Vienna malt, this tripel offers up a complex, yet dry finish. 8.0%

Appearance: Copper-brown body with it with a good amount of beige head on top that quickly diminishes, leaving behind only a minute amount of lacing on the glass. There's a good amount of sediment that eventually collects to the bottom. So far, looks like this will be a great tripel.

Aroma: Sweet-forward tripel with notes of honey, a tad bit of raisin/figs, caramel, and a very faint nuttiness at the end.

Taste: This tripel is a tad boozy, fairly dry, sweet and pretty solid. I get notes of honey, caramel, a hint of raisin, a bit of a floral hop taste and an aftertaste of pretty much the hops.. a tad leafy and slightly bitter aftertaste. 

Overall Thoughts: Great tripel! While complicated, it's straight forward at the same time. Tad boozy, quite sweet, fairly smooth, pretty much what I want in a Belgian-style tripel.

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