Review: To Øl & Ten Hands Brewing Tio Øl Triple IPA (Scandi multi-coast hazy heritage IIIPA)

Here's a beer I picked up at the Wijnhuis Eindhoven on my last full day in Netherlands - To Øl (Denmark) and Ten Hands (Sweden) collaborated on a Triple IPA called Tio Øl Triple IPA (Scandi multi-coast hazy heritage IIIPA). The beer tops out at 10% ABV so eep.. that's going to be a heavy one!!

A mighty collab TIPA that will transport you deep into the Swedish forest. We're playing on the tradition in their part of Sweden where the lumberjacks out in the forest would eat a toasted oat porridge with pork, and this toasted oat flour we're using in this beer is still being milled 80km from their brewery. Blended with classic hops (Centennial and Columbus) on top of a full-bodied malt bill *chefs kiss*

Appearance: Once this beer settles it looks like.. well, not beer. I can't describe the colour but it's a very murky as hell copper-brown, almost like mud mixed in with a bunch of other things, almost as if this beer was just all the sediment collected at the very end.. but not really.. I don't get any floaties. The head is a bit more inviting though with a solid off-white/beige head that's going nowhere until it's finally sampled, then it leaves behind a bit of lacing on the glass.

Aroma: VERY dank hops, floral, bitter and a bit of a cannabis-like presence to it. The aroma doesn't scare me off - it's a tad sweet with a mild sweetness to it (pineapple, melon, lemon), a hint of caramel malt which is expected for a beer this strong and a heavy presence of oats at the end.

Taste: Well, this certainly is 10% ABV as within a few sips in I feel my body warming up a good deal and I feel a bit tipsy. The first thing I get from the beer is again, the hops - it's got a very dank hoppiness to it that I haven't seen in a good while. It's got a good amount of sweetness with notes of pineapple, melon and lemon. As for the hops.. bitter, tad citrusy but mostly bitter and dank. Notes of caramel are popping out, of course. The oat flour gives it a creamy mouthfeel to it, while the aftertaste is a hint of melon. Somewhat sugary.

Overall Thoughts: This one is a doozy but glad I picked it out. Not quite the strongest II(I)PA but it's up there. Murky as hell, sweet, dank af, tropical. Did I mention how murky it is? Yeah.

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