Review: One Great City Flavourtown Double IPA

One Great City Brewing - Flavourtown Double India Pale Ale

From the label (as read in Guy Fieri's voice): Holy hot frisbee of fun! This out-of-bounds brew is your righteous ticket to Flavourtown! Mes ami, we invite you on a rockin' road trip to get freaky with your tzatziki. Our bomb-dot-com brewers have packed the most capital-T Tasty crypo-hops into this pint sized package. If you can't savour the off-the-chain mango, dynamite sappy pear, original gangster pine and finger licking papaya, well.... Holy Moly Stromboli! - You ain't tastin' hard enough! If you've been looking for a lights-out double IPA, then prepare for the real deal. Shut the front doo rand strap on your flip flops, this beer has so much salami, you'll need to call your mommy. 8.5% AB

You could immediately tell that someone over at One Great City Brewing is a big Guy Fieri fan (as is myself!). If Diners, Drive Ins and Dives ever makes its way to Winnipeg, which I'm sure it will, it'll likely get featured on the show alongside a Winnipeg Fat Boy joint, their food is pretty darn good.. highly recommend hot prime rib sandwich 👌🏻

Appearance: Murky and opaque with a dark orange hue to it. Light amount of carbonation in the body and a thick off-white head on top.

Aroma: Very malt-forward with notes of caramel, mango and pear. Moderately bitter hop presence that gives off a bit of a pine and floral aroma to it. Heavy but not surprising seeing it's a Double IPA after all.

Taste: The mango is the first thing I get out of it, it's something that I didn't expect out of the taste the first time I tried it.. I don't know, to some of my friends they absolutely dislike it but it's something different in a classic Double IPA. It's a bit more piney for bitterness than most DIPAs. Quite sweet, lots of caramel, citrus and fruit notes to it.

Overall Thoughts: An interesting choice by One Great City, different than your typical Double IPA to a point.. I like it but a few of my friends have found it to be a bit aggressive. If only we could get the mayor of Flavourtown to come and try it out for himself!

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