Review: Microbrasserie Shawbridge IPA 117

Merci Alain for sending this my way!

Today's review is Microbrasserie Shawbridge's IPA 117 out of Prévost, Quebec. It's an American-style IPA brewed at 5.8% ABV

Appearance: It took me a while just to realize that this brewery wasn't from Shawinigan for some reason.. but the first thing I noticed after that was that the beer has a deep hazy orange body with a light amount of sediment at the bottom of the beer. Thick amount of off-white head that diminishes rather quickly to leave behind a light sprinkling of bubbles on the side of the glass.

Aroma: Melon, slight tartness, leafy and floral hops, lemon, faintest notes of pineapple and perhaps a hint of grapefruit for bitterness/spice at the end? 

Taste: At first, all I could get is a seltzer-like bitterness and not anything of the beer itself.. So, I let it warm up for a bit and finally I get a bit of melon, bitter and floral hops, lemon, tad yeasty.

Overall Thoughts: Completely meh. It gets better as it warms up but just.. meh. 

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