Review: Kilter x Thom Bargen Always Sleepy Coffee Stout

As I type this up, I’m having serious troubles keeping my eyes open.. I really should be sleeping but I’ve been putting off this review since around Christmas.. which was almost a month ago already! 

Kilter Brewing’s Always Sleepy Coffee Stout is a collaborative coffee stout with freshly roasted “Always Sleepy” Colombian decaf coffee from our friends at Thom Bargen. 6.5% ABV. 

Appearance: Pours a black-as-the night body with a hefty stout thickness to it and a light yet very faint amount of bright yellowish/cookie dough head on top that doesn’t go anywhere until it warms up after a few minutes.

Aroma: Coffee. It’s rich, roasty, a tad peppery so it tingles my nostrils, and a hint of an earthiness of peat to it. It’s a tad sweet - perhaps caramel? Not getting any creaminess so far.. so it’s pretty dark. Pretty much smells like walking into a small family owned coffee shop, ah.

Taste: The first thing I get from the tasting profile is the roasted presence of the beer.. it’s got a rich, roasted coffee presence to it, a tad roasted malt to it, which gives off a slight hint of nuttiness. The notes of peat show up again, as well as a moderately sweet presence of caramel at the end. Mildly dry on the palate with a burnt bitterness that coats my mouth for a good couple moments.

Overall Thoughts: I’m glad I won’t be staying awake all night thanks to this coffee stout. It’s rich, roasty, bitter and pretty decent. It could be a tad sweeter but some like their coffee burnt as hell, while others like it to taste like a chocolate bar… Me? In between.

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Unknown said...

I clicked on your most recent review, and obviously found myself heading to that review and ummm I'm thirsty now... need to pour one right now! lol Continue your review Cody I enjoyed them and you spread the needs of tasting well-brewed craft beer. Cheers my friend.