Review: Kilter Fog Machine Double IPA (Cashmere)

Ah, it's been a while since the last time I've reviewed one of Kilter's Fog Machine Double IPAs and I always get excited whenever I get my hands on them because a single type of hop can really change the beer ever so much. I'm not sure if I've had anything with Cashmere hops before.. likely but nothing I can recall of.

Appearance: Hazy dark golden body with a tad bit of floaties in it (I waited to review this, unfortunately). Thick off-white/beige head that gradually goes down to leave behind a very nice layered lacing to it. 

Aroma: Pretty much on par with what you'd expect from Kilter - it's juicy/tropical, floral and even a tad bitter. It's got a huge whiff of tropical notes to it, predominantly pineapple followed by a caramel sugariness to it, a tad bit of alfalfa and a hint of a dank cannabis-like bitterness at the end. Yeasty.

Taste: Quite a dank-forward Double IPA that's got a bitterness that I haven't really seen in most of Kilter's beers as they're always super juicy - it's got a bit of a pine as well as a bit of a cannabis like bitterness to it. Sweet and tropical, coming from notes of pineapple, melon, and a hint of stone fruit. The bitterness tickles the tongue a tad but it's not sticking around for too long, so if you're someone who dislikes West Coast/oldschool IPAs, you'll probably still enjoy this.

Overall Thoughts: Likely the best I've tried yet out of their Fog Machine line of beers. Unfortunately due to work and whatnot I couldn't review this until now so it's not at its freshest.. as this was even juicier and sweeter than it is a month later but yknow what? It doesn't bother me one bit.

If you happen to live in Brandon, Kilter's Juicii and Sunny Dreamsicle are is currently available at the 10th & Vic LC, so get it while you can! 

PS - I wrote this review weeks ago but Kilter is now selling their beer via Canada Post Canada-wide now (hors Québec) so go out and buy their beer!

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