Review: Flying Monkeys Juicy Ass IPA

Juicy Ass is a weird-ass name to call an IPA but I will never question anything that Flying Monkeys does because they always make a solid product, regardless of the name. That being said.. my current go-to beer is Boombox's Juicy AF (As Fuck) so I shouldn't be critiquing names. I picked this up at the Quality Beer Store in Winnipeg.. oh how I missed that place!

From the website: This award-winning American IPA moshes bright, fruity notes, dank hoppy bitterness, and fresh verdant resins with sticky malts for a softly carbonated, unfiltered flavour. From the busy minds and happy hands of the Flying Monkeys comes Juicy Ass IPA. 6.5% ABV

Appearance: Not as hazy/cloudy as I'd expect from a beer called Juicy Ass. It has a light amount of cloudiness but it's pretty clear otherwise. Strong golden body with a light amount of carbonation in the body and 3/4 of a finger's worth of off-white head on top

Aroma: It's sweet, tropical, floral and a tad bitter. Notes of pineapple, lemon, leafy hops, a bit of a dankness to it and a hint of orange peel at the end. Tad yeasty.

Taste: The leafiness and bitterness of the hops (pine) are what I get for the most part this time around. It's still sweet and tropical but much more subdued. The sweetness I get is a mild pineapple presence, a bit of an aggressive pear sweetness and a hint of orange peel. Dry on the palate and the aftertaste is pretty much pear and yeast. 

Overall Thoughts: Not anywhere as juicy as I was expecting but I liked it and I'll buy it again. Floral, bitter, tad citrusy and tropical - it tastes like a hybrid of a West Coast and New England IPA to an extent.

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