Review: 2 Crows Shadow Rider Tequila Barrel Aged Sour with Cucumber, Sea Salt and Mint

It's been a good moment or two since I've most recently purchased beer from 2 Crows Brewing out of Halifax but I still have a couple products left that I need to sample. Today I'm sampling their Shadow Rider Sour which is *deep breath* a tequila barrel aged sour with cucumber, sea salt and mint. *exhale*

That sounds like an odd combination but as a Sour/Gose, that just might work well. The Sour is brewed with water, barley, spelt, wheat, oats, hops, cucumber, yeast, mint, sea salt, lactobacillus and pediococcus. 5.4% ABV

Appearance: Cloudy orange body to it with a light amount of snow white head on top. Incredibly carbonated to the point it sounds like a soda, lots of fizzing sounds coming from the glass. 

Aroma: Very vegetal. Cucumber is by far the most dominant aroma popping out, followed by a mild sour presence, lots of fresh cut grass, hay, a bit of a Gose-like saltiness to it and a hint of mint at the end. The smell is overwhelmingly reminding me of 20+ years ago when my grandma would make pickles, if it had any dill in it, it'd be spot on.

Taste: As a sour, this works insanely well. The sourness pairs with the vegetal presence of the cucumber, followed by a good amount of a sour lemon/funk presence to it, a decent amount of mint and a dash of sea salt. It's quite dry on the palate and it leaves behind a a bit of a sweetness for aftertaste but I can't really pinpoint exactly what.. I was going to say chewing gum.. so duhhh.. Mint! A bit herbal and grassy, sour but my stomach doesn't mind it so far.

Overall Thoughts: I'm not really a Sour fan but it works here. Is this the only way I'll ever consume vegetables?! Who would have thought. Very cucumber forward but not quite pickley, I certainly was expecting more pickley. Notes of mint and a bit saltiness to it. Not quite a Gose but definitely sour.

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