Review: Vessel Capiche Cappuccino Milkshake Stout

Today I'm checking out Capiche Cappuccino Milkshake Stout by Vessel Beer out of Winnipeg. This beer was originally a Nonsuch beer until their Vessel line of beer re-purposed it as one of their own - Nonsuch is predominately brewing more classical styles of beer while Vessel is focusing on experimental and up-and-coming styles of beer. Capiche is part of Vessel's Milkshake series and is described as smooth & creamy with chocolate and coffee notes. 5.5% ABV

Appearance: Very dark brown body to it, almost black, with a bit of a cola hue at some point. No noticeable carbonation in the body while the head has a moderate amount of yellow-beige hue to it, which doesn't really diminish much as the beer warms up or goes down.

Aroma: Incredibly coffee forward, it's sharp, a tad sour,  a moderate roasted profile for the malt, and a bit of dark chocolate. Once it warms up, I get a bit of a brown sugar aroma to it, so making it quite sweet.

Taste: The coffee pops out right up front to give it a rich bitterness that mingles well with the roasted malt. There's a bit of dark chocolate and brown sugar to it for sweetness, as for the mouthfeel, quite a bit drier than I expected, while the aftertaste is a tad sharp with memories of coffee.

Overall Thoughts: I had expectations that this was going to be creamy with this being a Milkshake Stout but it had a very watery mouthfeel for me with no noticeable lactose/milkiness to it. There was a hefty amount of coffee in this beer which was nice but the coffee lingers for the aftertaste for a bit too long. That being said, it's smooth and welcoming for the Manitoban winter weather but I just wish it was much creamier.

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