Review from the archives: ┼╗ywiec Jasne Pelne Lager (Poland) (2011)

Here's a review from the archives from 2011. I'm trying out Zywiec Jasne Pelne Lager, which is no longer available in my part of Canada as of 2020, or possibly earlier.

I got a message from a person the other day stating that I haven't done any beer reviews from Poland yet. It's subtle things like that that I miss, I never realize that I haven't tried beers from several countries as sometimes you just pass over them and never try it to begin with. So here I am trying out the Polish beer ┼╗ywiec Premium Lager by ┼╗ywiec Brewery

First off, the beer is 5.5% and comes in a 500mL bottle. I've drank so many lagers in this project that It kind of bores me. How does this beer fare?

First off, when I popped off the cap, I got a very very strong lager smell to it, stronger whiff than a traditional Canadian lager as I was a fare distance from the bottle as it is. Pouring the beer, nothing surprising here, a golden lager with a quickly dissipating head. Aroma: corn, slight malty smell to it. Taste wise: basically what you'd expect in a European lager, tastes like a lager, but oddly enough - no skunkiness at all.

Would I buy this again? No, as there are dozens of other lagers from Europe that taste nearly the same for a few cents cheaper.

From the label: "Since 1856 this premium beer has been brewed according to the original Zywiec brewers' recipe from the best natural ingredients. Contains finest malted barley, choicest hops and pure mountain water."

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4 Dog Brewery said...

Excellent lager in my opinion. Sure beats the lame lagers that some of the Ontario Craft brewers are making, and cheaper too.