From the archives: Half Pints' Humulus Ludicrous (2009)

Originally posted on Flickr - October 5, 2009

Half Pints Brewing Company - Humulus Ludicrous Double India Pale Ale

After reading about the beer "Humulus Ludicrous" being the 10th best beer in Canada according to, I just had to try it, with being a Manitoban and all. But since it's only a seasonal beer, I had to wait until it was in production.

So now it's October (2009) and I bought a few bottles: one for trying out now, and one for having at a special time.

So I finally tried it.. first thing I noticed.. Half Pints wasn't kidding about it being hoppy. For the aroma, the hoppiness isn't overpowering but definitely something very noticeable. It also has a nice hint of sweetness to it too. It has a nice dark coppery colour to it.
As for taste, HOPPY HOPPY HOPPY.. or as I call it "Hoppy beer day!" The hoppiness is very evident, it also has a bit of a "nuttiness" taste to it too, but all in all, it is similar to their staple beer "Little Scrapper India Pale Ale", well this beer is an IPA an all as well.

For $4.50 (pre tax), it's a bit expensive, but it's a very limited brewed beer, so it comes down to "why not?" more than anything. I'll definitely buy it again (Edit: and I have, many many times since I wrote this), especially since I love to support Half Pints as they are a local company for me! Sure beats the usual prairie pilsner style beers!

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