Le Bilboquet - 25 Ans Barley Wine Américain

I've reviewed a few beers by Microbrasserie Le Bilboquet over the years, and they were also one of the first Quebec craft breweries I ever reviewed with their Le Corriveau Oatmeal stout back in 2012.

Today I'm checking out Le Bilboquet's 25 ans Barley Wine Américain (25th anniversary American-style Barley Wine). I've had this beer in my hoard since April of 2015.. time sure flies by.

Le Bilboquet's Barley Wine tops out at 9% ABV, not as strong as some Barley Wines, but definitely intoxicating.

Appearance: 25 ans pours a nutty brown with a bit of a cherrywood red to it, opaque, moderate amount of beige head on top that leaves a decent amount of lacing on the side of the glass.

Aroma: I'm finding this to be your typical every day barley wine, even after 3 years of sitting in my hoard - it's got a rich and heavy with a good amount of caramel aroma with notes of raisins, a bit of earthiness and of course, incredibly boozy.

Taste: This is sweet and very caramelly with a hefty boozy presence to it. There's a bit of raisiny presence, a bit of crême brûlée, and a light roasted malt presence at the very end. This is something that I know I'm going to get tipsy on.

Overall Thoughts: After three years of being in my hoard, it aged decently as I still get a butter tart profile from this beer (caramel, sweet as hell, raisins), it's quite boozy, a bit earthy and at 9%.. I'm a bit tipsy.


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