9 Mile Legacy 9 Mile Ale

Shawn and Garrett over at Saskatoon's 9 Mile Legacy Brewing stopped in Brandon for lunch a month back as they were on their way to Winnipeg to check out the craft beer explosion that's currently taking place. 

I had the opportunity to visit 9 Mile Legacy while I was in Saskatoon last September for a friend's wedding, many of my friends have raved bout their beer and their taproom so they kept telling me that it was a must visit while in town.. so I'm thankful that I did! Since I'm not usually able to visit Saskatchewan and check out the beer scene there, Shawn & Garrett brought a few of their beers for me to try out. 

Today I'm checking out 9 Mile's 9 Mile Ale, an English-style Pale Ale brewed with Goldings hops and prairie malt. Pairs well with fish and chips.  5.2% ABV/28 IBU

Appearance: This is a moderately cloudy, golden ale with a moderate amount of carbonation and a good amount of snow white foam on top. The head quickly diminishes leaving behind a web of lacing and a light powdering of foam on top of the beer.

Aroma: Ever before I even checked up the description of this beer, the aroma gave away that this going to be a classic English-style Pale Ale over the more modern American-style. The aroma is  sweet and moderately caramel with notes of crisp barley, lemon and a slim amount of tropical sweetness. 

Taste: Light bitter and earthy hop presence right up front - it's a grassy, floral and light tropical flavour with an earthiness aftertaste to it. It's sweet, light caramel notes and a nice crisp barley profile to it. It reminds me a bit of a new era pilsner but with a bit of caramel sweetness and a floral yet light tropical hop presence. 

Overall Thoughts: I definitely had this beer at the brewery last year so I checked my Untappd checkin comments.. I was surprised to see that I found notes of pineapple in it.. but once I got into the beer again, it does have a nice light tropical presence to it. This is sweet, crisp, easy to drink, and has a light floral/earthy hop presence to it. I'll definitely be drinking this again!

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